Blueprint Evolution and Perceptions ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



I have received many questions about perceptions and the views through which others attempt to perceive what I express (through writing and audio) and transmit as Light Code Frequencies. Since there is no perfect translation of the Divine into Form (mortal language) the Essence and the Presence of the Divine is only Known (as experience) through its Frequency. Received.

Bypassing the thinking mind, bypassing the Mental thought forms held in the Noosphere (the old programming of limitation) the downloads of Light, remove doubts to this understanding and open the gateway to experience. Though the Heart.

Your Blueprint is an energetic Frequency that contains within it, not only your Unique Frequency, but also all the memories of all of your existences throughout time. As you began to exist as a Soul. A unique individuated God ~ Self. Source Light. Whatever word you desire to use. There are no words for this at the higher levels of Light. We use words here on Earth to express. To point to an experience.

I visually see Blueprints as Living Light Codes of Frequency.

When you incarnate into a form (which is ANIMATED through your Holographic Light Body) the Light codes held in your Blueprint are SET for you to Activate as you traverse EXPERIENCES that ignite a completion, of what you came to complete. And IGNITE an awakening of Codes as you EVOLVE to Higher Levels of “what” you Are.

You ARE your Blueprint.

It is YOU.

You are Light.

You are Frequency.

You transmit this in all moments. When someone says they want to follow their Blueprint. WELL they ARE. You ARE. YOU are NOT separate from your Blueprint.

You are not separate from your intentions.

You ARE these things, all at once.

The process of surrender allows you to experience Harmony through non-resistance as YOU go through the experiences you are destined to experience.

How you experience your experiences and perceive them is determined by your frequency. The total of Your thoughts, emotions, will, with your original Blueprint (your frequency view) and with the Activated specific Codes of Light you are in the process of COMPLETING and AWAKENING to. That is EVOLVING through.

Your Evolution is the Focus of YOUR Soul.

What you experience, learn, go through, is all part of this Evolving.

Trusting your Soul through Surrender is a MONUMENTAL Leap, in surrender. When you experience this leap in consciousness. The NEW Tremendous View through which you perceive things, is no longer laden, with doubt, insecurity, self-pity, sadness, etc.

As this Leap is a Quantum Shift ~ WHICH embraces the UNION of my will be DONE, with your Soul ~ though will be done. So it is, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

This GREAT Union, is a mystical Alchemy. That is only understood when experienced.

Your perceptions of ANYTHING is not what you “think” it to be. Your Soul knowns. Yet your thinking INTERPRETATIONS ~ are NOT, I repeat are NOT, the SOUL perceptions. The evolved Ascended YOU, perceptions.

Letting go of what you think this or that is about. And entering surrounding. Being ok with NOT KNOWING anything. Erasing all from your database of what you through you knew. Arriving as OPEN, Free, and Just Being, in non-resistance.

This takes you into the SPACE of the Present Moment.

How could it not? You are content and just are. You trust your Soul. Your trust what you think life is, does not mean what it is. You are open to EVOLVING.

You enter your Ascension. Miracles upon miracles embrace you as you Become FREE as the Eternal LIGHT that you are.

Light ~ IS.

Love ~ is.

Evolving is .

Joy is.

You ARE. What else is there to know? That you Are.

There is no thing outside of you to know, only that you do exist. At the Level of the God ~ Self, then, you awaken to the miracle of the Dream come true.

The Being in Love with Being. With Being Light. With Being Free. With Being Alive. Then you are Graced as you open more and more to receive more and more, This is EVOLVING. You Are Evolving. You are that which you Are.

Your Blueprint you ARE. You cannot escape your Blueprint, it is that which you ARE. Which is constantly shifting and changing. AS things are completed (experiences) and as you OPEN to new experiences. All part of your plan.

Someone wrote me and said, I see you are promoting emptiness, in what I write. Really? No, this is everything in the Divine UNION as Divinity Itself.

Joy, Love, Ecstasy, Bliss, Beatific Glory. Abundance, miracles, being in Love. Having it all.

YES, A LETTING GO ~ of the thought forms, that tell you, you think you know what this is.

And an ENTERING fully into the Evolving, through Surrender, that says, I am Open. I receive.

Evolving. Surrender. Love. Joy and Bliss. Abundance and Beatific Beauty and Grace, I hold You ETERNALLY. And so it is. Beloved Angels.

Steps up into cosmos

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. Miracles!! Divine Angel!!

  2. EsIstAllesDa!

    happy birthday on our new born earth !

  3. A terrific birthday message for me. Thank you for sharing daily wisdom!

  4. Magical 💛 No end of gratitude 💛

  5. Denise Carey

    Oh my…this was powerful…thank you with all of my heart. I wanted to know what having these two cats come into my life were supposed to help me with…this is it. I HAVE to surender to NOT knowing. I have no REAL idea nor control over them. I “suffer” every time I try to control them…I am also filled with fear as I let go and let them BE. Wow…what a lesson. I am so thankful for them…moment to moment. Trotski was gone the other night…just for an hour and a half past his dinner…I cried and cried that I lost him! I ,did however get the lesson…well I hope I did…lol…
    Much love and joy to you my sweet soul…you are a blessing to us all…and it just came to me as I type …that we are one…so I too must be a blessing!!!! Woweee…THAT is would be HUGE for me to really learn.

  6. !!!✨✨✨

  7. Marka Thibaudier

    💜Wowww Love it💜 Sacred💜 Thank you💜 Love you💜

  8. Thank you for this and all you share. I love you, always and forever. 💗

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