Love, Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon in Taurus


The New Moon on May 6th, in Taurus, was a gentle beginning. Embraced with Mercury Retrograde. The deep connection with the Earth with this New Moon in Taurus, is a bonus time, reminding you to slow down.

Relax, Renew. Reorganize. Be comfortable. Spend time in nature.

Take your time. SLOWLY.

Allow this to be your NOURISHING time. A time for YOU and you alone.

INNER focus time.

Peace time.

Love time.

Now time.

Just for YOU.

Spring cleaning time.

Inner awareness time.

Deep inner YOU time.

With just under 2 weeks left of Mercury Retrograde, enjoy this.

Enjoy now.

Love now.

Love yourself NOW.

Embrace Being ALIVE.

Living here on Earth through  your Holographic body, is Divinely experiencing yourself as opening up to the flowering of YOU.

The You that longs for Love.

The You that is Divine.

The You that is infinite.

The YOU that you desire to BE.

As all of this (your Ascension) continues to unfold in your awareness. Continue to LOVE yourself. Like you have never been loved before. This is the time of Love. Even when things move forward quickly after Mercury Retrograde is over. That also is a time for love.

Practise Loving yourself.

Not hiding from the pain. Or running away from the pain. Love any pain within you. Love the hurt. Love the sorrow. Be Honest with yourself and feel the pain within you.

Out there is not the cause. It is not what gets healed, it is within you. As all of this continues to release itself. Through the unwinding of your DNA. You OPEN yourself to receive. Receive more and more. Open more and more.

The expansion is endless. Timeless. Forever. Embrace forever. No ending POINT. Constant Expansion of awareness. Of Consciousness. OF NOW.

Breathe this in Beloved Angels.

Feel the activation of your cellular consciousness. In response to your Opening and receiving. Feel your body relax now. The Peace. The Love. The Unity within you. YOU with your Divine Self. Your Eternal Self.

The Alignment with the Holy you. The Soul You. The Divine You. The God YOU. All NOW. Now, now.


It is through the Love of the everyday you, that you OPEN and become the flowering of Divinity. The Angelic You. The God Self You.

Then, the Activation Portal, through your Heart, Unites with your Soul Star Matrix, and you LIVE beyond your WILDEST Dreams. The Dream come true.

The Love of your Life.

The Heaven, that you always dreamt of. COME TO LIFE, within YOU. I am with you. Which is NOW. In the Divine Love and Glory of Heaven. Breathe this in. Receive Divine Angels. I love You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you !

  2. so peaceful, tranquil

  3. Reciving this your loving Light it is also Myself

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💞Wow amazing beautiful L’Aura💞 Love this and you💞 Sacred💞💞

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