The New Divine Humanity ~ Soul Family


As you read this, you will know in your heart (as a resonance) if you are part of this Soul Family. Many of the Seraphim incarnated on Earth during this time, to be the first wave of Ascension. To master Being Hu ~ Man in a form and to bring forth the Light of Divinity, within. This Light is the original Light and part of each Souls Star Matrix. The origin of the Birth of the Soul.

Mastering self-love, in a world that deems that selfish, is a process of stepping out of the box, not on solid ground, but on the deep knowing, that there exists, something more.  That something else that exists within, is the deep knowing of your Soul Plan, which is your spark of Light, your Divinity, that has been always guiding you along. Whether knowingly or unknowingly.

So much has changed.

Placing the focus on yourself and you own inner growth and development of compassion and self-love within, is your path to your mastery. Letting go of all the external modes of acceptance and validation. Opening up to owning and being responsible for all that you experience. Within.

This Soul Family is already united in unconditional love.

This was a large group of Beings, many Eons ago, that agreed through their soul blueprint, to come and be the change. To be the Ones, who would acknowledge their Divinity. That through their self-love and acceptance, would be the example and guide for others. Simply through, walking their talk. Being.

Many are part of this Soul Family that will never read these words. Many that are receiving the Hourly Activation (Divine Ascended Being) are not even aware of it. Their hearts are already one with this, through their Blueprint.

Know that you do not need to know how to figure out how to receive the Hourly Activation, simply intend and it is done.

The uniting of Atlantis and Mu (masculine and feminine) is symbolic of your uniting within, through self-love, compassion and acceptance, of the wholeness of  the original Light. Of your Divine Presence.

This is the wholeness being birthed once again, of the original Soul Light ~ Union. This is the Mastery in Form. It begins with you, loving yourself.

The head and heart are one already.

They have experienced opposite roles at times, through the polarity of this world. Through the left or right hemispheres of the brain.

Since this was already One, intend to enter your Original Wholeness. Intend to receive all the downloads of Light Frequency that awaken you to your Wholeness. Your Original Light.

As the First wave of Ascension Beings, Angels of Light in Form, you are this already. This is a Soul Family. This is The New Divine Humanity.

Allowing your Light to shine, which shifts reality on all levels of your Being. Including All Parallel Words and time frames. Allows the Glory of you as Light, to shine through all sense of darkness. And is the unconditional love, that has brought you here.

There is no idea of going home from this space. Home is to be here, that is the New Earth, The New Divine Humanity. Soul Family.

Heaven on Earth is the experience as you radiate your Original Whole Light. You are here, to bring Heaven here.

It was never about just surviving, and going home.

It was always about bringing the Divinity here. Allowing your Light to shine, your Original Soul Light.

Paradise Soul Family. The Garden of Eden, was always within, as the Original Birthing of your Soul Star Matrix.

The New Divine Humanity, as a Soul Family, reunites through your reuniting within once again.

Your Initiation.

With your Original Source Light. Your Soul Star Matrix.

Your Soul Blueprint.

This now, planned Eons ago.

The emerging Divinity, is the First Wave of Ascension.

The birthing. through a death and rebirth experience.

The leaving behind of all that has kept you separated through an outdated belief system.

The freedom of the self loved Hu ~Man as the Pure Light Source of Divinity, is you finding your way home, back to all, that you have always, originally been.

Bringing it here now, into Form. The New Divine Humanity. Soul Family. Tune in, tap in, call upon me, every hour. And so it is, all Now.


Eternal Heaven on Earth!



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  1. Supremely moved, stirred, & touched within. Tears while reading………..V strong heart penetration & activation. Yes, I allow my Divine Light to Shine brighter & brighter. I fully love myself. I awaken & open the door within me to the Garden of Eden ~ Original Light that I Am ~ the Wholeness that I Am. My Divine Feminine & Masculine within me fully balanced & in joy & harmony with each other ~ As One 🙂 It is Beyond a Blessing & Miracle to have YOU Beloved QOL in my life 🙂 I Love YOU more than I can say………………….I live, experience, & am my Heaven on Earth Now ~ bringing it upon the Earth ~ in ease, flow, & harmonic bliss moment 2 moment. I LOVE YOU!!!! 🙂 4ever & Always 🙂

  2. Feeling grateful to read this about divine humanity love you

  3. I intend to be the first wave. Thank you.

  4. So much I can not express within this site, but you have given a Haven to True Divine Soft Souls to Teach How To Be Now, and Move Forward. ❤ ❤ Thank you, Blessed Teacher ❤ ❤

  5. Listening to your transmissions always gave me a familiar heartwarming feeling and make me feel like being back home from the very first listening. Thank you forever and endlessly!

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Sooo beautiful and Sacred💜😇 Yes wholeness and shine the Light of my Soul💜
    Thank you sooo much L’Aura💜😇💜

  7. Im allowing my Light to shine!!☀
    Thank you!

  8. Thank You

    Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 14:48:30 +0000

  9. I love you so!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this, for all!! ❤️

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