Full Moon in Libra, Partial Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016


Just after the Spring Equinox we have the Full Moon in Libra is on March 23, 2016 at 9:01 am ADT, and a visible subtle, partial, Lunar Eclipse that will be visible here in Canada and the United States. If you pay attention and watch closely you may notice the shadow. That is, if you have clear skies and the Moon is not below the Horizon, at the time of the Eclipse. Full Moons are about completions, and bringing to light, that which began during the previous New Moon. Full Moons are Opposite the Sun.

The Spring Equinox in Aries, marked the beginning of the Astrological Year. Aries being the first sign. Now this Full Moon and Partial Eclipse we have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. This brings to light the desire for reconciling opposites. Making peace, with all that is within you.  All that is hidden within your subconscious mind.

We also have Easter arriving earlier this year, March 27th, and for many of you, this subconsciously awakens your desire for rebirth and renewal.

The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse brings to Light, through your experiences and feelings, that which desires to be loved within you.

That which is not yet loved. That which, within you, once loved, brings wholeness.

Fullness. Heaven on Earth, for you and though you.

This energy influence within you, impacts your emotions and your subconscious mind.

Celebrating the Eclipse and celebrating your life, is the doorway, to self acknowledgment, for all you have been through, for all you will go through.

This evolution and rebirth is through your self-love and compassion.

The energies continue to support your evolution, in all moments.

With the Full Moon in Libra the focus is on relationships and feelings. Within you, and your relationship to yourself, your self-love, is the basis for all of your relationships. As you love yourself, you are able to receive love and give that same love.

Allow yourself to embrace and honour any uncomfortable feelings as well as any amazing, celebratory, blissful feelings. The Blissful feelings are those areas loved within you. Those uncomfortable feelings are those not yet loved by you. Which desire your attention, even if you do not want to pay attention.

You as the Evolved and Evolving Soul of the New Divine Humanity, Angels in form, are here to Love yourselves, like you have never been loved before. Accept your emotions, love them as gentle children, that are opening up, to the Magical Self within. Which is the fullness of your Divine Self, showing you through your love, that you have always been Divine.

Intend to receive the Hourly Divine Ascended Being Activation which is hourly. It is an energy transmission, a Light Activation. That awakens you, more and more to the Love that you are. To your Divinity. The New Divine Humanity. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes, after every hour.

Embracing all those things you would rather not face within you, is the coming home, through the love, of all that you are. Love yourself.

Love yourself like you have never been loved.

Then all of your relationships (emphasized during this Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse) to all things, transforms, through the Magic of your Inner Child, your Divine Self (Higher Self, your Divine Presence) that you are and have always been.

In this I hold you, in the Divine Evolution of your Awareness, You as your Uniqueness. You as the Divine Self living the Life of your Dreams. Your Heaven on Earth.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. This post found me just after an intense physical awakening and brought me to tears. Am I truly this blessed to have the awareness? Is my twin truly here with me and ready for a complete union? I am so humbled to be considered.

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    🌕💞Powerful🌕💞 Magic🌕 Thank you sooo much💞 I Love you💞

  3. VERY Good informative, insightful message, and I still think your beautiful, so there, blessings

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