Experiences are the Lenses of Varying Frequency Dimensions


This is a Transmission of Frequency, for you. Receive, breathe and relax and FEEL.

Your Consciousness is expanding. You see and experience what you see and experience, through the lenses that you have on, which is your frequency and the dimension through which you are functioning through.

This is a holographic meeting place, Earth. You are your own world and dimension. And the lenses that you see through, is your frequency.

So beyond your awareness of the vibration you are vibrating in, is this transmission, that activates within your Blueprint, all that appears dormant, or not seen (experienced) through your lenses, so to speak.

Where you are now, in your consciousness (your frequency) is basically how you see things. Imagine, if you would, 3D Being like walking around wearing a set of eye glasses (set to 3D consciousness) and the view is clear in 3D with them on. To see and experience consciously in the 5th Dimension of frequency, those same glasses are not worn. And if you tried to see, it wouldn’t be clear, you wouldn’t be able to clearly know what you were seeing, at best. This is why this is a transmission, you cannot get this, while wearing glasses (vibrating to a frequency) that is not this transmission.

You are already all of this and more. This Transmission activates your Light Codes that awakens the frequency within you, through your Heart, of the level of the transmission. As you already know, the same frequency does not change frequency. The same consciousness does not transform consciousness.

Destiny, this too is experienced through the different lenses of frequency. Now it is not, let me make clear, that 3D is incorrect, and that all need to shift out of it, the lenses of it are just set that way, and to experience something other than that, the lenses need to come off, or change.

You will experience 5 D, when the unique timing is right, according to the Soul plan, life plan. This transmission is experienced in the perfect moment for you.

This is a Transmission of Light, that exists at deeper subtle levels of experience.

You will know and understand as you are Activated and function at the higher frequencies, where this is, simply, how it now is.

Call it “Aha” moments, call it what you will, it simply is a change in frequency.

What you can do, is FEEL this. Consciously. This Activation and transmission, shifts your consciousness and your feeling nature will feel this. Feel the changes, within you, within your body.

How you experience everything is the result of your perceptions based on the frequency dimension you are existing in. HOW you perceive things, is your frequency. Which is changing, even now. Destiny may be perceived as the Height of experience, based on the frequency domain it is experienced through. This is why, you can experience the Greatest this or that, relationship, love, you name it, yet your experiences continue, to get greater and greater. What is the absolute greatest now, will be another new absolute greatest, later on, as your frequency continues to shift. Nothing stays the same, it shifts and changes, as your Lenses (frequency) shift and change.

Each incarnation, that is each aspect of consciousness, has its Blueprint plan as well as your Soul has its overall Blueprint, Design, and Matrix. Your Destiny, may be experienced as a series of Destiny experiences, as your Destiny is the fulfillment, and the feeling of that fulfillment, of what you came here, as this incarnated aspect of consciousness, in this form, to experience. That may be perceived as attaining conscious awareness of different levels of frequencies, it may not. Destiny is the playing out of your incarnation plan. And when one looks at a life, that ended in what appears as a short length of time, or not a successful life, that in NO WAY, implies, that the Destiny was not fulfilled. Destiny Being, going through the experiences, you came here to experience.

Now at the higher levels of conscious awareness and your maturing into the conscious use of your Heart sensing faculties, and your destiny (at a Higher Level what you came here to experience) and your participation in the process, the use of your will, and your intentions, become your conscious participation. The You, merged, consciously and in alignment with your Plan.

All Souls will eventually experience the return to the Original Light State of Being, where all aspects are consciously joined as One, with “Time” not being a factor, of perceived separation. As to when, and which lifetime, is the Plan of the Soul. It is of no benefit to judge, who is here or there and in what frequency domain. As ALL Arrive. All According to their Plan.

Your intentions guide you to your experiences. There are many destinies.

All Souls, will Ascend and Evolve, as Being consciously, experiencing their Original True Nature, Pure Light. Pure Source God Light.

It is not up to us, to decide when, for someone else. Or attempt to control outcomes.

Enter deeply your experience, your heart, in all moments. This is the key, within all of your Destiny experiences, to love and enjoy Your Plan, your life. You may ask, that is it, that is all there is, just playing out your Life Plan. And I remind you, once again, your experience, matches your View. Your Lenses. Existing in the 5th Dimension, is Your Heaven on Earth Consciously. Yet, even now, even in 3D, it is still taking place, just not consciously, in your experience. Your Being Present, is you consciously, arriving, into the experience of, your Heaven on Earth.

Receive, Breathe and Feel. Do not attempt to struggle and understand. Simply feel, breathe through your heart and receive. Feel within your body.

And So it is. And it is All Now. I love You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. Thank you so much💜💜💜

  2. Sacred Love and Bliss! Miracles!!

  3. Sacred Love and Bliss! ❤️❤️

  4. Such a Powerful and Beautifully written Frequency Transmission. Grateful Thanks for Elevating our Senses to Ease, Love, Release, Allow and Understand…Heart and Soul 🙂 xo

  5. Thank you so much for this sacred transmission, L’Aura!! So grateful!! I love you!! ❤️

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💝Thank you L’Aura for this amazing Frequency Transmission💝 Love you💝💝Amazing💝

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