Loving Life ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Freedom from the incessant thoughts.

Freedom from the emotional backlash, of the harbouring of grudges, guilt, not feeling good enough, the self-made prison, of 3D.

The pain of suffering. The pain of disharmony, within.

We have been there, and we have stepped out of the pain. As a Phenix rising from the Ashes. We not only have survived, we have risen, into the New Paradigm of Consciousness, we know the freedom, we know the Love, we know the Bliss. 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Thankful for the passage through this initiation, we embrace the surrender, we embrace life, and we embrace living.

Activated within your Blueprint, and always forever inherent in your DNA, is the God you, The Source you, the Glory of Your Soul. That is experienced through your entering, and arriving in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Your Ascension.

This Light spark, Presence of You, Loves Life, Loves Living, as this is the Essence of the Pure You, the Child Like you, that lives in the celebrating, of all moments.  As you continue to expand in your awareness of this God Source you, life begins to awaken more and more, in the Grandeur of Your Soul.

In this Grandeur, is the greatest simplicity of Being. This has nothing to do with what you think Grandeur is. It is All about Living as knowing nothing, as the one embracing nothingness, and the One in Love with life.

The Joy, the Bliss, the Ecstatic Being, not dependant on anything external, is the shift, the arriving, as the Ascended One, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Being the eternal Love of your Soul. Being the Accepted, Being the Loved, Being the Blessed.

As the Embodiment, accelerates, as the momentum of Love, existing in the New World, is the jump starting, of the aliveness, of your Soul. This is the Being in Love with your Life. Being in Love with Living. Being the Joy of expanded consciousness. Being the thankfulness of Being alive in all moments. Being the Vitality of your Soul.

If you find yourself, teetering back and forth. Or still immersed in the pain of 3D, not yet able to let go of bad habits, or those things, that reinforce you not feeling good about yourself.  Love yourself, that is the only space, where freedom and true liberation, Reigns.

The Doorway and Initiation into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Only takes place through the Love. The Love of your Heart. You to You, is where this begins.

So if you still do not Love Life. Love Living. Go deep within, receive this Activation of your Heart and DNA, to now embrace, all that you are, all that you have experienced, love all of it and forgive all of it. So you too, will know Being Ascended. Being the Grandeur of Your Soul. Being the Love of Divinity, that lives, supremely, as the simple Pureness, In all MOMENTS.

Receive and Breathe. In the Glory of All That is, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. You are a miraculous and a treasure here now for me, you are a golden sea of Light, you are unconditional Love. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss
    I am discovering new skill, now all I play, I feel a strong energy, to feel the stones, the wood used in furniture, too; feel the music from the water, in its motion, and now saw her eyes on a picture of a famous person and I shivered and I feel touched my soul, is a very special person here on this plane,
    My ears long ears and if I lose track of time.
    This planet immensely grateful for your divine presence now

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💛Thank you L’Aura💛 Love this and you💛 I Receive and breathe💛💛

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