The Alchemy of Manifestation~5th Dimensional Consciousness



I will attempt to make this as clear as possible for YOU, for here within, is a key to transforming your life, through the transforming the attributes you have previously associated (attached as meaning) to what you desire. I do suggest you read this more than once, and not in a row, also. NOTICE your Transformation.

And it is not that your desires, have been something that you cannot have. It simply means, what has been YOUR Dominant Intention, filters out, those things, those desires, that are not part of upholding and promoting your MOST Prominent intention. See for yourself, as this really works. NOW ~ if you do not get this, do not be concerned, as this also is an activation for you, working deep within your subconscious mind, allowing you to get this, at there subtle levels of consciousness, bringing about, in its own timing, the transformation, that this activation imparts to you, Now.

An Example.

You have desired whole heartedly, that you desire to Ascend. You have rearranged parts of your life, and spend time daily focusing upon this. Areas of your Life, that you also have desired to manifest changes in, such as, finances, job, relationships, feels like, nothing is happening. Or your desires are not being listened to.

Your Subconscious mind is very powerful.

When you whole heartedly choose an intention, you are steering your own ship in a direction. This is powerful. This is part of consciousness maturing and your Mastery also, to recognize, your power, your will, in all of this, your experiences.

Now, if the money, the job, the relationship, as part of your past programming (subconscious) that you desire (with past attributes still intact as to the meaning you have associated with them) does not fall into the MASTER Intention, you have set (which is the steering of your ship through your will) then they will not occur.

NOW ~ here is the key.

As you Begin to Transform, within your own Consciousness, all that you DESIRE with your MASTER Intention (reprogramming of your subconscious) then all that you desire, that is KNOWN subconsciously to be in this Alignment (with your Master Intention, your steering your ship, through your will) then all of this and that, as experiences (that by the way have been waiting to show up when you were ready) will NOW appear as your Reality.

Sounds easy enough. And if it doesn’t, it simply is the reprogramming, is taking place, at the more deeper, subtle levels, as you receive this activation, within your subconscious mind, your Blueprint.

An example.

You Love feeling spiritual, you notice the changes in your consciousness, you have more bliss more joy than ever before, you are in the flow, more of your conscious time. More in the present moment. Yet, that money thing (or relationship thing or whatever is your desire) still isn’t in place. You can live with that, knowing that, when you are ready all will occur. NOW ~ if you looked deeply at your views of money (or relationships, or whatever you desire) and observed, that your associations were of a lower frequency; such as, thoughts of a nature that are NOT in alignment with your Master Intention. I never have enough money. How can I live for my inner self, and in the outer world of form, without money, etc. Or that relationship, they never work out. When, I am more beautiful. I am too old, etc. NOW ~ the stopping those thoughts, is NOT the Alchemy being transmitted to you. It is far beyond that.

TOTAL transformation of the associations you have to your desires, is the key to the Alchemy. The manifestation of your True Desires. 

This IS your BEING Ready, YOU Being the Wholeness, everything in Alignment.

That money desire, that relationship desire, in Alignment with your Master Intention now changes to:

As I am Abundant now in all areas, including financial, this NOW activates within me, the fullness and wholeness of my Limitless self, which is my Mastery, which is my Ascended Self, ~ Being ~ the Source Light that I Originally AM.

As I now attract my perfect Partner, the Ascended me (Based on a Master Intention of Being Ascended as an example) lives in complete Fulfillment of my Souls Plan, in the Fullness of my Deeper Fulfillment, my Perfect Union in Form. The Fulfillment of my Wholeness in All Areas of my Consciousness. My Being, My Soul Light ~ Source.

Likewise, if your Master Intention is to get ahead in life, or survive, any way that you can, with the right house, partner, money, etc. and YOU also have the desire for Ascension (not your Master Intention) and wonder why you are not expanding in your awareness, it is that your Expansion and Ascension, does not fit into the subconscious programming (your Master Intention, the steering of your Ship) of getting ahead (Master Intention) at any cost.

FEEL this. Breathe this Truth, this Activation, into the WHOLENESS of your Being.

In the Alchemy of the Great Almighty Source Light, I AM ~ in Harmony and Union, in all areas of my Consciousness, therefore my subconscious mind and superconscious mind included, my MASTER INTENTION is NOW IN UNION with ALL THAT I DESIRE.

All That I Desire, is NOW Transformed through the Light of My Soul, deep within my Subconscious Mind, as the WHOLENESS of my Being.

There are no desires within me, that are not consciously part of my Master Intention.

My Master Intention, Being a Master, Being an Ascended Being, and all areas of my Consciousness, including every single desire, brought to my awareness, is NOW in Union, with the Eternal Light of My Soul. With the Eternal Master that I AM. With the wholeness of MY ORIGINAL Being. I Am. Whole, Fulfilled, in Union.

There are not thoughts, that are separate from this. It is all ONE and in Harmony and UNION NOW. My Hearts Desires, my Intentions, my Being. My Subconscious MIND. Now are ALL ONE.

In the LIGHT, POWER and the Glory of ALL That is, I AM, This is SO and Activated NOW.

Receive Deeply Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. thank you bless you ❤

  2. Yes it’s all energy that is harmonizing now within you, so that you may receive on all levels, more than ever before 💜💜

  3. this is where I feel I am stuck to will reading my feeling of money and relation don’t mash with my dream . i see it and get in some tug of war with myself sometimes I tink I got a hole comity in there ,that have to agree and investigate every pos abilla ty thank you u help so much I feel and get many flashes of u in my meditation state. love u thank you ❤ ❤

  4. Complete bliss…Mahalo.

  5. Yes!!! So Sacred!! I love you!!

  6. I read this activations all days. Is so powerful!
    Really is total transformation of the associations I had. I desire my master intention to lead the way to whatever it will be for me
    Thank you so much always. I love you💛you are the sacred light that opened the way to me💛

  7. Thank you so dearly!

  8. Sacred Love and Bliss! 🌟🌟

  9. So much thanks for this activation! It’s as if you were talking to me directly, as you were talking to many. This resonates and is perfect…Thank you L’Aura for this and all you do for us. Blessings to you 🙂

  10. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Receive yes💜 Powerful💜 Thank you L’Aura for this amazing Activation💜

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