Shifting Your Frequency~ Transforming your Life


This Blog post is the response to many questions I receive Daily…on People looking for the answers outside of themselves.

The Mental Body will tend to project its fears and concerns to outer circumstances.

The Heart Center is the focus of Harmony and Peace.

The Current shift in humanity INVOLVES moving from ONE way of Being to another. 

From Mental Body functioning to HEART Centred Awareness and Love.

Again and again the Human Species will not shift through outer focus.

The Shift is in Vibratory Frequency is from DISHARMONY to HARMONY.

From ONE WAY OF BEING TO ANOTHER.  Fear to Love ~ Disharmony to Harmony. 


If you truly Desire complete Fulfillment, this will involve shifting your main way of being, which is a frequency.  I am not saying this is easy. This will take FOCUS.  Commitment to YOU. This will involve time in silence and This will involve YOU loving YOU.  

You will be shifting From the Outward mental body focus (which yes, is a frequency and often creates Disharmony). TO THE intimate HEART CENTRED FOCUS (This is VERY much the Eternal Union Frequency of Harmony).

The MIRROR ( the outer) will shift for ALL of YOU
when you exist from the NEW AWARENESS in the FOCUS of Love and Harmony THROUGH your HEART.

The Old way, through fear and projection of the mental body, which never worked and  will never fulfill your desires through the outer, is the cause of all suffering in humanity.

Peace, the Abundance and Love  (and all you desire) EXIST THROUGH the HEART in Harmony. Harmony shifts all the Layers of your awareness, including your perceptions.

Harmony  shifts your REALITY.

What you have desired and seeking in your outer circumstances, is within you in Harmony. Change your main frequency and you change your life.

Look at your emotional states of Harmony or Disharmony. Take notes if you have full days in either emotional state. You will see the pattern of your life literally transform as you keep up Being in Harmony.

When you live in Harmony the outer circumstances of your life Begin to Shift also.

This is the WAY to UNION and the SHIFT to Cosmic awareness and Union as Source. Spend time in the Awareness of Your Heart Space daily.

Look deeply into your feelings. Feel them Deeply, this is the Path of Love. 

Spend time daily focusing on the awareness of YOUR presence within your Heart in silence. Allow and Flow with what is in the present moment. You will see your life transforming in front of you including all of your relationships.

Listen to my frequency transmissions, they will allow your cellular consciousness and DNA to resonate and move into greater and greater Harmony and Love though the activation and awakening of your codes within your original Blueprint.

Holding you in your Eternal Greatness and In Harmony and Love.

In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. About your post Shifting Your Frequency~ Transforming your Life:
    Thank you so much!!
    All day I’m focus on this change, listening to your frequency and compilation. I print your list of ways to love yourself. Also: as above so below to kept in harmony. The invocation to the light of the soul, the notes I make to remind me the commitment and the new moon invocation to change the relationship with myself and the mirror.
    I appeal to this, and to this amazing group every time I get lose.
    Thank you again so much Laura!!!

  2. when I read this I am reminded that I still slip into the mental body, its so subtle. But the process to reverse it, is SO simple. Shift awareness back to the heart, accept and allow and surrender!

    thanks for the awesome insight, I love you Queen xxxx

  3. I always love to read a new blog as I vibrate with these truths more all the time and remain eternally grateful to you for being here and bringing us these important reminders that allow us to BE more in harmony as a result of the frequency you hold and bring us into as we shift.

  4. YES!!! I am feeling it so deeply, intensely. I have always lived in a heart-centered manner, yet the outer energy has always been powerful in minimizing the importance of that. I am dancing and celebrating the Shift in Frequency for myself and for all of humankind so that it IS the WAY . . . The WAY of The Heart! Thank you for sharing these beautiful words and vibrations! I Love you, Laura! <3

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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