Your Original Blueprint and Memory

L'Aura Pleiadian

When you look at your so-called History through the lens of seemingly limited awareness, what you experience, is a memory, that feels as if this was an experience that has gone by.

When you access this same History (memory) through the lens of limitless awareness, through YOU as an Eternal Soul Light ~ Being, what you experience, is this is all taking place Now.

When seeing through the lens of You as the Cosmic Soul that you are eternally, that has designed the experiences, through the various incarnations, what you know is, the link of them all, is One.

No limitations, means exactly that.

Union with your Eternal Soul ~ Being, is also, that.

When you are in Union with your Eternal Self, your Unique Soul Self, (words only point to the experience) you know it all as One. You Know, now in the moment, you are not separate from any of it. From the Design. From your Blueprint. From all Existences. From before you existed in a form.

So we wind back the clock, so to speak, on your awareness. And what we have is the Eternal YOU. This takes you to the ORIGINAL Awareness of you as light.

You as Light ~ Emanating out through the Void ~ as this movement and creation of the Light that you Are, as the unique Frequency that you are, Experiencing itself.

There are not choices, as in shall I be this or that. At the level of Purity of your Light, you cannot BE that which you are Not. It is the you that never changes. The you that is the Soul ~ Light of You. The you that designed, all through which you are Transforming through.

All The Stars and their Alignment, are exactly how it your Soul designed it to play out, as the “unique interaction”  with the “unique frequency” of you.

There are no mistakes.

You cannot help, but be you. Even if the you, you think you are, you do not like. Or the you that you think you are, appears as if lost in limitation.

It is the unique process, designed, by you, at the cosmic level.

So back to what appears as memory, in the history of you. These things exist, the record of all that you are in the various parallel worlds, and incarnations, exist now.

What you think of as then, that has passed by, or what you hope to experience in a future that has not yet occurred, IS simply an “idea” of a “memory” or the hope of a future memory, that will occur, that you think, you are “apart” from.

As you live in the moment, and accept all that you experience through the love and acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (unconditional love) all that you have thought you were separate from, begins to vanish. Not that things vanish (although they can) your thoughts, ideas, old ways of thinking, begin to dissolve, and you SEE and KNOW it is all now. You become that which you once sought.

You Become the Knowing and Being of your Eternal Self, Soul ~ Light.

You become that which ALL passes through.

You Become and BE ~ all that you desire and More.

You Become ~ the Fullness of the Embodied YOU as Ascended, that you have ALWAYS Been.

You Become Conscious and Not separate, from all that you Are.

You Become Present.

You Ascend.

You Are.

You Are Being.

And This is All Now ~ through You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    ⭐️So Sacred⭐️ thank you L’Aura
    I love you💛⭐️

  2. ♡♡♡

  3. I’m elated that I designed your sharing
    into my journey of remembrance L’Aura Pleiadian✨💖✨
    I AM✨🌟✨

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    Yes, wow…ahhhh

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