Your Transformation~5th Dimensional Consciousness


You have stepped through the Threshold of your Awakening and Ascension, and you are Embodying, the Eternal Light that you are, consciously more and more, as you continue to enter deeply into the moment to moment, Presence, of your Eternal Soul.

Life may feel like a blur of events, that you are somehow, going through. Maneuvering through a terrain, that is very ethereal and surreal, yet somehow, it is Earth, yet it is all different now.

The old attachments, the thinking processes, the worry, the concerns, have diminished in their intensity, if not, vanished. You walked through the portal, you are continuously arriving, and that is ok, as this continuously arriving, is the new reference point for you.

You are remembering to apply the acceptance, the unconditional love, to all those aspects that arise now, even to those, you felt were “wrong” within you. You have recognized, it is only through this love and acceptance, that you enter more fully, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, your Ascension and your Destiny.

The old way was painful and futile. It didn’t get you to the present moment. It was not the way, that is, the consciousness that changes 3D Consciousness. It was through the alignment, with your Soul, the way you were Originally, that the ease and Grace showed up, as that which you are, now Being.

And so you are here, arrived, in the moment. The Glow of your Magnificence, as your Original Pure Light and Presence, now, increases in your awareness, as yes, you Are That. That which you had once sought. That seemed apart from you. Now you are BEING it.

This ever-deepening, Union, you, with the Light of your Soul, that knows its Union, as the Being of Light, that it is, is the Divinity of You. Your Glory, your Magnificence, your Brilliance, and your Love and Bliss.

As this now, expands, more and more in the moment to moment awareness, of All That you Are, the increased frequency of your 5th Dimensional Consciousness, your Ascension, that which you are embodying, transforms all within you, all that is in your surroundings and  all within the whole, of All Consciousness.

Your Original Pure Light, is the essence and Presence of You, that simply IS. This pureness of You, has never known suffering or separation, and Knows itself as the experience, of Living Breath, Living Light, Living Glory, of the Magnificence of Creation, of Life, itself, Being.

This is child like, this is the Way you Know your Heaven on Earth. This is your entering, in all moments. This is the Pure You, that you have Always and will always Be. The Glory of the Eternal Divinity of You. Living as the Perfected Being of Creation, that You Are. In the Glory of This, of All That is, I hold you, eternally.


Eternal Love and Grace!




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  1. Thank you so much beloved Queen of Light for your beautiful message and your divine and beautiful photo. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ dear L'Aura ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss
    I was about to talk to you about something very curious, at the foot of my house there is a park and there is also a bank and in front of the bench is a large tree, these days look carefully and on the tree is very clear a face and is Sananda, and will effectively take photos and I can see his face. Also take a picture of the sun on a cloudy day and went, as it were a red and green tongues and a face, the face of Sananda is also seen. It's like the outward expression of everything that happens inside me incredibly, and I know he is always with me.

  2. ❤ Love ❤ And Thank You L’Aura ❤

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    💝Love and Grace💝 Thank you so much L’Aura💝 I Love you💝

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