New Moon ~Solar Eclipse ~Equinox ~ March 20th 2015


Here we Are ~Three Powerful Energy Events ~ Β That Unfold Powerfully the Manifestation of the Dream ~ you have Created! Feel the Newness ~ Feel the New Beginning ~ powerfully ~ within YOU.

March 20th New Moon in Pisces ~ Solar Eclipse ~ This Powerful Doorway, through your Heart is always accessible Now.Β This plays out Gracefully as the experience of the New Moon on the 20th, at 6:36am ADT. and The Solar Eclipse ~ which the effect lasts for 6 months and The Vernal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) 7:45pm ADT on the 20th of March.

New Beginnings ~ The New Moon ~ The Super Moon and the Eclipse and Equinox ~ Can there be any Greater ~ Newness?

The New Moon is a new Beginning and in Pisces we Have the Opportunity through our awareness, to delve deeply into the Mystical Waters of Consciousness within. Increased sensitivity (Harmony is paramount) to Truth ~will be increased to the degree that you Are focused clearly on Pure Truth through your Heart ~within. To the degree you live free from Drama ~ the ego ~ Limited consciousness.

The Solar Eclipse Magnifies the effect of the New Beginning and New Moon ~ in Powerful Deep Ways ~ within.

Union ~Β The Name Equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Day and Night are equal in length during the Equinox. This will be powerfully felt “within” as The Union of Opposites ~ The Union ~ Masculine and Feminine ~ The Union Day and Night ~Inner and outer, Above and Below, All One.

Have you Prepared yourself? Are you ready for the Intensity of this Powerful Energy influence ~ within you?

Set aside Sacred Space within you ~ Go deep into the Moment ~ Be Present ~ It is only in that space that you Consciously recognize you are creating your Reality ~ and enter your Heart more deeply ~ and experience Harmony more Deeply, In All Moments.

Every expanding, ever-increasing, All New ~ Greater and greater awareness of Being the Union ~ within.

Is there anything else to Experience? Being ~ Fully ~ Union ~ Harmony ~ Being the Responsibility of your Creation in All Moments ~Consciously.

You are Creating your Reality ~ Delve deep into the depths of you this New Moon ~ Super Moon ~ Eclipse ~ and Equinox ~ This is the Newness ~ This is the New Beginning! Be in Harmony!

If you are not in Harmony ~ Listen to my Audio Frequency Initiations, Activations, Invocations and Light Language Transmissions~ they will Harmonize all of your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies. To the Degree that you are in Harmony is the degree You Live free from Suffering and Live in Divine Union, which is Love, Bliss, Ecstasy and Pure Being.

Disharmony is Separation consciousness, is fear and Limitation experienced through the Past ~ which is never present and Never New. Choose to Love yourself and Be in Harmony.

Holding you Always in the Eternal Light of your Soul ~ That you Are. Celebrating the Newness ~ The New Beginning ~ the Now ~ Always!


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