Cutting Cords~ Or Complete your Healing


I HEAR so often ABOUT cutting cords!!!! I receive many questions about doing this.

Do you KNOW WHY that energy is EVEN There???? That you are ATTEMPTING TO CUT????

Is there even such a thing in the BLUEPRINT to CUT the energy OUT??

Your attempts to cut out connection ONLY DELAY what you agreed to complete.

What YOU need to Heal, It is NEVER from another.

The Result is NOT the Cause!!!

If you incarnated and experienced pain and hurt through a relationship, THAT RELATIONSHIP was there to SHOW you YOUR Pain and Hurt (karmic traces) to Be HEALED and COMPLETED this incarnation.

Often Souls with the same types of issues to be HEALED hook up and create relationships, as BOTH NEED TO HEAL THE SAME THINGS.

Cutting the energy is detaching FROM what needs Healing. Putting off, what you came here to do!

Instead, feel deeply, HOLD yourself in love and compassion, and HEAL what is “TRULY ONLY YOURS”

Then you are FREE, that PART complete.

YOU ONLY experience the type of RELATIONSHIP that you ARE.

When You have done all of your healing, and are existing at the Highest Possible YOU, then YOU will draw the Highest to YOU.


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. More misinformation healed by Truth. love you Priest Queen of Mu xxx

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    If I agree with your post, today I really felt good and I think it my healing is complete, I immensely appreciate all that you have given me guidance, your love and everything of you, help me to heal, love you Elohim Victoria

  3. Laura, this is so completely true. There was a time when I was taught, in my energy healing development, to “cut the cords” of energy that no longer served me, that it was holding me back if I didn’t cut them. In retrospect, and after reading this just now, it did, indeed just delay the healing of my SELF from that painful relationship. (No wonder this person “stuck” around as he did!”) I have now fully healed from the experience of this particular person, and am happy to be moving on in my Human Experience. It is interesting, that while my ex-husband (not the person I just spoke of) and I had such pain and erratic energy in our Earthly relationship . .we had much LOVE and Celebration as well . .and I never felt compelled to do a “cord-cutting” with his energy . .no wonder . .he’s my Twin! LOL!! 🙂 Thank you for posting such a poignant and very heartfelt article. Yes, It IS ALL about HEALING . .the SELF!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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