The Final Shift, and Here I Am


The final shift, and here I Am,
in and out as reality goes.

Magic, dreams, are here to stay,
as the creator, work, my play.

Place your attention, on your heart,
enter the vortex, the place to start.

Here I hold you, as on Mu.

Then place your intention,
on your creations too.

Don’t lose focus, the shift is,

Bending time, as on,

Opening eternity, miracles,

Gracing life, ancient wisdom,
the truth.

Hidden in mystery, for eyes that,

The Elohim plans, time and,

In this cycle, current, space-time,

Entering freedom, the limitless,

A new beginning, for you this

A new Planet Earth, for all that,

Focused and true, in the,

Hiding nothing, destinies,

In this play, realities, we call,

I am Elohim, DNA creation,

Priest Queen of Mu, I Am Presence,
throughout time.

I enter the stage, for all to,

The Plan, unfolding,  new space-time,


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. this blog is as majestic as you are Priest Queen. I feel that soon you will be on a much, larger planetary stage.

    your description above sounds like ‘heaven’ on earth, fascinating and captivating post. I feel like my time here on your page, has moved and shifted me in ways I cannot begin to put words too.

    I just know how I feel now, Awesome, expanded, at ease

    love you Priest Queen of Mu xxx

  2. Beautiful energy! Freedom and limitless play. Yes to it all. Loving your beautiful I AM presence! Xo

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    I love the Final Shift
    Now also this fantastic blog post
    I enjoy it and love it
    Love you Laura
    Thank you

  4. I love your eyes look deep, serene and beautiful, they are always flying and restless, love you

  5. Is a wonderful and lovely message dear Laura, love you ♥
    After I did a long meditation yesterday, and after hearing your broadcasts, I was like half awake asleep and half-sitting on a seat, when suddenly I saw lying on the seat and I move through a tunnel or vortex, was a movement from back to front, also saw a cover flotanto printer in the air, was a strange experience

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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