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Loving Yourself ~ Consciously!



1. Talk to yourself in a very kind loving way…ALWAYS!  no exceptions!

2. NEVER put yourself down ~EVER ( that mean never -ever)

3. Be gentle to yourself, Always!

4. Show compassion on yourself and YOUR physical body just like you would an injured animal that needs love and caring, or a newborn baby.

5. Do things that help you to feel great, create a LIST, so that you always KNOW what you can do for you at any time. Write that list today.

6. Take time for YOU!!! Daily, and never forget.

7.  Write daily in  a journal. Write down your feelings about what you are going if you were writing to a BEST friend.

8. Recognize YOUR INCARNATION is important!

9.  Make a date with yourself, to spend time with YOU, daily!

10. Don’t do things that YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO~ Ever!

11. Honour your EVERY breath, recognize your Divinity, your Sacredness. 

12. Make it a priority to Love yourself~ and recognize your relationship with Yourself is the Most important relationship you will EVER have during your incarnation.  Everything else in your life reflects the relationship you are having with yourself. When you FULLY Love yourself~ then your True Love will show Up ~ Your Sacred Twin Soul! 

13. Write down things you don’t like in your life, be honest with yourself, and then burn the list safely, do this MONTHLY.

14. Honour all the things you DO LIKE to do and experience and FEEL Gratitude for your life and all of Your desires Daily!  

15. Write a list of the things you do like, love and desire, and POST that list up in a place you will see daily! 

16.  Honour your Uniqueness ~ there isn’t anybody like YOU!!

17. Never compare yourself to ANYONE ~ Ever! 

18. Celebrate your life, Daily!

19. Surround yourself with Beauty, and see the Beauty of You within Yourself, your Heart!

20. Tell yourself you love yourself ~ many times a day! Do this every morning as you look into a mirror!

21. Decide to Begin, Now to Love yourself!

22. Spend time in silence daily, feeling your Presence.

23. Read or Listen to my Invocations, Initiations, Activations and Frequency Transmissions Daily as a WAY of Honouring the Eternal You in the Now, immersing Yourself consciously in the Eternal Love of All That is!

24. START today, Now! 

25. Know that you never ALONE!! 

26. Begin ~ Being Love ~ Now! 


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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