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Full Moon in Scorpio ~ May 14th, 2014 ~ Wesak



Sacred ~ Powerful ~ Moments!!  May 14th, 2014 ~ 4:16pm ADT. This Full Moon in Scorpio will be Powerful! Anticipate Change ~ Endings and Powerful Emotions Being Stirred to Your core! Opening the Way to Your New Birth! The New Creation! Death and Rebirth!

Here is the Link to my Post on Crystals which Includes information on the Moon, Programming Crystals and More:

Deep within your Subconscious mind will be the Stirring, Bringing to Light, that which is hidden within You. That which is Not yet held in the Light of Love, within your Heart. Stay present within your Heart.

With the Sun in Taurus which is Earth and the Moon in Scorpio which is the Water Element, we have complimentary energies and opposite elements at Play. Anything that is Not in Harmony between your Spiritual Values and your Physical Values, will be up for evaluation and receive a Powerful Purging under the Powerful energy of this Full Moon. The Depth of Purging is just what is Needed and always perfect, preparing you for the full awakening and Death/Birthing Process.

Emotional Pain connected to “Attachments” and “Addictions” will come forward powerfully to be Healed. Are you in the Flow or holding tightly to your attachments? Surrendering will allow you to flow with the Powerful current of these energies, rather than going against them!

Fear of “Letting go” and “Surrendering” will surface if this has not already cleared within you. Remember, this is for your Benefit. Stay in Harmony through your Heart, with All that comes up as you Move through this Powerful time of Death and Rebirth.

The Wesak Festival is One of three Sacred Festivals. At the time of This Scorpio Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus, we celebrate the Birth, Death and Enlightenment of Buddha.  One does not need to be Buddhist to Celebrate Buddhic Consciousness. This Adds a Beautiful Flow to this Full Moon, adding the Outpouring of Love, at this Powerful Time of Awakening and Preparation for your New Birth. The Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Consciousness merge in Union during this Inflow of Love.

Open your “Heart” to Receive the Love and Flow in Union with all that is occurring for You, With All That is. The Mother  signals to You in Your New Birth, through Your Open Heart. Stay Present and Be Ready!  The Creation Plan is Beautiful and Glorious, lifting you deeply into the Awareness of “All That you Are” your Divinity.

I Am with You Dear Souls! I Am the Mother! I hold you through your Birthing Process. During this Powerful Death/Rebirth! I Am The Victory that is Yours, that has Always Been Yours! I love YOU and Hold you in Your Victory! Your New Birth, The New Creation! I Am Victoria Elohim, I Am!




In The Holiness of YOU, I Am Forever Yours My Beloved! I Am!
I Am Victoria Elohim!



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