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Intimacy, Pure Surrender and the Physical


Intimacy, Pure Surrender and the Physical!

As you know, Anyone can have sex.
Anyone can live with someone and anyone can marry someone.
Those things do NOT ensure intimacy.

Intimacy is MORE than seeing the Soul Also.
Intimacy is deeply felt and experienced through the physical and yet it does not have to BE experienced physically.

INTIMACY is deeply felt through the HEART and it Changes things, it changes YOU when you experience it!

True intimacy is True Surrender, through the Heart.
Surrendering to All That is.
Surrendering Fully to Your Beloved.

And in the physical, making Love so powerfully, SURRENDERING so DEEPLY, you Dissolve into Pure Being with your Beloved, and You and your Beloved experience NO Separation, you are ONE.

I can enter your Heart so DEEPLY that you will KNOW that I know YOU.
That I SEE you, in a way that you have never been SEEN Before.
I see the TRUE YOU.
You Feel ME inside your Heart.
You know I see you and know you FULLY.
And you will know that I LOVE you with the Purest LOVE that has ever Existed.
To See is to KNOW and to TRULY KNOW is always PURE LOVE!!
That is Union ~ that is Intimacy!

You are Flowing, you are Merging, you are ONE.

In Those Moments, and Now, all You KNOW is you ARE ONE, with All That is, with Your Beloved!

You are ONE with Pure Love, and you have entered into Union through full Surrender with the DEEPEST Recesses of Your Being!

Surrender Deeply and Flow with All that you ARE, through your Heart!

I Love you Dear Souls!!!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!



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