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Sacred Sex ~ Time to Share some things on this ONCE Again!

Out of all the “life” experiences on Planet Earth, this has to be the ONE area of Living that gets the most attention, yet it is THE least talked About. I have always been astounded by this!

I have engaged Many people discussing their Life experience of ~ Sex.

Healing in this Area, through LOVE and SELF Acceptance is the conscious awareness that, ALL that ARISES within You is there for YOUR Self-Love, true Love, Unconditional Love that is free from Judgement.

This acceptance and LOVE for Yourself, ALLOWS you to TRULY enter the state of Being ~ Surrender.

In this Surrender and ALLOWING on ALL levels of YOUR Being ~ do you enter the flow of the Present Moment.

In Love and Surrender, first YOU to YOU, you Become an Open Vessel of the Expression of Love to Pour through You. Free from Judgement, free from outer appearances, a Letting GO a full surrender.

Now HOW does this impact your Sex Life?

First of all I would like to explain something and respond now, to some questions I would receive if I do not explain the following.

IN NO way, am I saying You MUST be engaging in sacred sex to EXPERIENCE the state of Allowing, Self Love and Surrender.

The Last time I wrote on sex, I received many questions ~ what if I am not having sex? PLEASE understand, this post is for those who are opening to Greater Self Love, Allowing, and Surrender and are OPEN to greater Love and UNION in their Sacred Sex experience.  You can apply Surrender and letting go of judgment, and Opening to YOUR Heart through this Post even if YOU are not Engaged in SEX with a partner!  Look at where you place any judgment in this area, and HOLD the space of LOVE and ALLOWING within You.

In Surrender and Self Love you Open the Gateway of the Heart to TRULY Love Yourself ~ therefore another. 

I know so many say they love him or her and on and on. And really it is not true Unconditional Love. For the Love of Self is not fully embraced and experienced. If Planet Earth ever had one Dis – ease~ it would be  Lack of  Harmony ~ Coherency ~ lack of Unconditional Love towards oneself.  Disharmony.

Fixing and changing anything out there does not address what arises within You. What arises within you is always drawing your evermore to Self Love.

Back to Sacred Sex. When you APPLY TRUE Self Love to YOU, You become an Open and Loving Partner. You are always drawing to YOU that which you are, all experience is but a reflection.

To Enter True Union, Coherency and TRUE Love within You are the ingredients of the eternal Presence of Love itself ~ that is always drawing to Itself the Union that it is. 

So you are having Sacred Sex, you still have judgment, you still do Not completely Love yourself, how do you begin to Love yourself?  Instead of running away from those fears and doubts about yourself, Look deeply within them, face them, love them, be honest you to you about them.

Accepting other people’s sexual preferences is also a great place to LOOK at within you, this may include, same-sex relationships, kink sex, etc. By not holding judgments around others preferences, you allow yourself to Open and experience within Yourself  “FREEDOM” from Judgment. No right or wrong, good or bad, up or down, simply TRUE Unconditional Love of Self.

Look at those areas, those repetitive thoughts and comparisons, such as, I am not happy with my body, I do not like this about myself, etc. RECOGNIZE that is NOT self Love.

Begin to appreciate your body, Love your body, love your Life, love living and  EMBRACE yourself as YOU Desire to be Embraced by another. How do you do this, when now you only experience self loathing?

Enter Your Heart!

Immerse yourself in the LOVE that is within your Sacred Heart. Be Love, You to You!

Now I recognize some of you reading this are already doing so. Entering the Flow, moving into Union, Engaging Love with a partner, a TRUE Partner in Love.

The Flow and Depths of Love move naturally in Surrender. There the mystical Union that so many desire, naturally arises. Within Yourself first, then with a Sacred Partner, on All levels of Being.

Now I realize this was about Sacred Sex, and I have not spoken about the sacred sex act. Know this is the Beginning Place, the FOUNDATION to Mystical Union. Begin Here and Enter your Heart, LOVE YOURSELF.  Continue to LOOK deeply into your own SELF LOVE, through Your Heart!

Not only will you Open to Greater Self Love in every moment, you will Draw to YOU all that matches  ALL that YOU Are!

I will write again soon, ON Sacred Sex. Embracing Sacred Sex in Unconditional Love, in the Moment, flowing and merging in Union, All That You Are!  I love you!!!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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