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So You say, You want to change


So you say, you want to change,
your habits and your ways.

Where to start, what do you do,
when you begin?

Do you look within, or look out there,
where the mirror, reflects to you.

Do you understand consciousness,
what you are, through time and space?

To truly change, all your ways, you need,
to know, what you are.

It takes courage, to embrace the unknown,
the fear in you.

Removing the veils, opens fears, to be seen,
are you ready, is it time to begin?

The darker energy, is only fear,
waiting to be loved, within you.

To truly embrace the Light, you must embrace
the dark.

All are One, the hidden gifts, for you,
to open.

Step into the unknown, if you want to shift,
you must see, for yourself, what is real.

Unlock the door, yours to open,
you hold the key, it is free will, yours to choose.

Truth is eternal, nothing, is, as it seems,
on Planet Earth.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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