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Atlantis and The Great Central Sun

Atlantis and The Great Central Sun.

Part One. 

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Atlantean’s were once connected with The Great Central Sun in their conscious Awareness.

Through the Intergalactic Council, Monads were Sent to originally inhabit and set up the Golden Era of Love and Union on Atlantis.

Many of You have dreams and Visions of Atlantis.. Memories just under the surface..

Some of you on Earth at this time have  existed on Atlantis.

Telepathy, Telekinesis, Sound and Energy Healing  were Powerful Natural Ways of Connecting to the Great Generator Crystal.


Technology through the Great Generator Crystal took on many forms.

They were aware of the Magnetic Forces of the Ley lines and the Power of the Sun and the Moon. As well as Accessing the Higher Frequencies of Light through The Central Sun.

Not many survived the Submerging of Atlantis.

Originally the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine was Highly regarded, revered and Honoured on Atlantis. 

As Atlantis Devolved so did the Honouring of the Divine Feminine and her Wisdom.

Growing up on Atlantis involved rigorous training and for those in a certain lineage it was their duty that they Carry on of the Proposed ways.

Those who were in the lineage of the Great Magi, who had full access to the Great Generator Crystal  were  to continue and pass on the information and Accept the Thrones and the Titles that were held in high Regard by them.

Those that could SEE that continuing on would simply Lead to the devolving of the Truth..were cast out of the Main stream Atlantis…

I was One of Those. I was in a lineage who would be put on a Throne on Atlantis and yet through my Communications with the Angels, Pleiadians and the Intergalactic Council Knew I must stand for the truth. The One and Only Truth.

A Temple was then created for me outside of the mainstream as I refused to continue and take the Throne and Titles of my Lineage.

The Leaders did not want the information and Access to the Secrets of Atlantean Technology shared.

Access to the Truths of the Ancients through multidimensional awareness and guidance led to my Fully Being One with the Stars and the  Universe as Divine Oneness through and as the Divine Feminine.

My Temple, “The Temple of  Eternal Light”  began with my work ( outside of the mainstream) with the Creation of Blueprints which Shared the Great Secrets which were then sent Forward through time.

The Blueprints were held as  codes through Crystals which were then placed deep into the Atlantic Ocean carrying the information for  Humanity NOW.

I then Received through the Great Lord Melchizedek the Mantle “Queen of Light”.

This was a commissioned as Part of  the GREAT PLAN. That the Divine Feminine would Once again hold the Balance in the Great unfolding of Union.

Surviving the The Submergence of Atlantis and having the Opportunity to travel to new land was a Momentous  arduous task. The consciousness of many of those 30 moved in and out of the realm of Form throughout the 33 day voyage.

Only 30 were on the ship and MOST did not survive.

Only a few of us survived. There was the Sun, dehydration, and delirium to contend with.

Out of body I travelled ahead of time to the Egyptians to let them  know them of our soon arrival.

I was Received and cared for with Food and Shelter.  The full implementation of the Atlantean ways took 50 years to complete.

The Egyptians were mainly mathematicians at the time of my arrival. They eagerly accepted this new technology into their Awareness.  The Creation of  the Great Pyramids and the God and Goddesses were through the Atlantean Technology.

The Light held in the Body and the Powers that we naturally developed were Beyond what appeared human to them.  We were to them Gods in male form and a Goddess in Female Form.  Establishing among them, the Great Way of the Ancients as the Secrets of Eternal Life were freely given.

More soon in Part Two……

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 

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