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Your Thoughts and Feelings are Waves of Energy


Energy does not get blocked. I know it may feel like that, I will explain.

Remember, Things are NOT ALWAYS as they Appear on Planet Earth…

Things Appear Solid, they are not.
Things appear never-ending, (as in situations in time) they are not.
There may appear to be a distance from Point A to Point B (from where you are to where you desire to be) there is not.

It is all here right Now.

YOU have Greater impact on YOUR Environment than YOU Realize.

It is All Energy, you are Energy.

Know Yourself as Energy and Watch the ever flowing
Light of Your Soul ( through your conscious direction)
Transform ALL things in Your LIfe!!

Many of YOU are receiving my Daily Frequency Transmissions.

It is up to YOU to decide and Consciously direct your Energy focus, that is, your thoughts and feelings that are impacting you and your environment, which creates your Reality.

24 hours each day you are sending out waves of energy, which come back to you as your experience.

As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, ( link below) making notes and being conscious of all areas of your life, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional, and writing out your LIST, is a profound Focusing and ANCHORING Tool, and will create a shift in your awareness and your Frequency; therefore your LIFE experience.

As your Frequency increases, and as You move into Greater Harmony, Being Conscious of HOW you direct all of your Energy ( thoughts and feelings) becomes important if YOU desire to change your Reality, creating, your Heaven on Earth.

By being conscious of HOW you use ALL OF your Energy, your Awareness will  INCREASE.

Once your Awareness increases, it is becomes easy to Direct your thoughts, words and feelings. 

Energy Flows!

Your thoughts and feelings are waves of energy. Let’s look more closely, as to HOW you are using your energy.

Ask yourself if you “FEEL” blocked, “Is my energy going in the direction” I would like it to?

Energy Follows your Focus. Do you have a Direction that you focus your Energy on?

As ENERGY, you interact with energy all day long through your thoughts, words, emotions and environment.

Thoughts, words, emotions and all environments ARE ENERGY.

Every thought and emotion you have sends out energy waves.

Even if your “environment” is not what you desire it to be ~ HOW you vibrate now, impacts your Environment!!

Let’s look at that now a little more closely. You may want to read this more than once.

When you vibrate in Harmony you create alignment and flow…to what it is YOU are FOCUSING on.

When you vibrate in Disharmony you create pain, and the feeling of what it is YOU are Focusing on.

Remember, HOW you focus your energy  impacts your creations.

Your THOUGHTS and especially your EMOTIONS determine What kind of WAVES of ENERGY you are sending OUT!!

What you send out through your Vibration always comes back, as YOUR REALITY. The Mirror.

The mirror truly is your friend, as it is LETTING you KNOW, what and how you are using your energy.

DIRECT your ATTENTION and INTENTION in a way that is Harmonious ( mentally and emotionally) with what you DESIRE.

Recognize your thoughts  (what you pay attention to) and the ENERGY of THEM ( in Harmony or Disharmony) creates your EXPERIENCE and impacts your environment.

There is no block in energy.

Are you aware of HOW you are USING your energy; your thoughts, your emotions.

Every single thing you FOCUS on and Direct energy to, INCREASES in your life.  The WAY you FOCUS determines YOUR experience, either more in Alignment with your Desires, or Less in Alignment with your desires.

Begin to be the Observer of YOU. Really do this. Become the  inspector of YOU. Watch how you predominantly feel, and notice your thoughts, your attention and intention.

Consciously Connect the AWARENESS of how you predominantly feel, with the EXPERIENCE you are HAVING. (really do this)

Watch your thoughts.

Notice how you FEEL when you think your thoughts.

Take notes. Take a few days to do this.


BEGIN to consciously direct YOUR Attention and Intention, in the DIRECTION of your CHOICE, CONSCIOUSLY, with the FEELING of Harmony, so that you will be in ALIGNMENT with your Desires.

Stay present in the HERE and NOW. Through observing you, your thoughts, your emotions, your body.

Stay present in YOUR Body, through the FOCUSING in on the feelings in your body.

Paying more attention to YOUR Body, to SENSATIONS, your Breath, CREATES the Powerful anchoring in, of your Frequency.

It STARTS with your Awareness, and continues with your Attention and Intention, Your focus.

How YOU ~ use your ENERGY.

I love you!


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 



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