Eternity Holds The Presence of the Glorified Ones

LInannaAwakened in Love, united in joy.
Sacred peaceful moments, transform all, in the stillness of the heart.

My Beloved is present within me, in our eternal grace, we have become  the beatific glory, that our love holds.

Eternity holds the Presence of the Glorified ones, who know the great beauty ~ that eternity itself, IS.

Resting in peace, there are no limits, to the power of the Divine.

The Light that we know ourselves as, is the eternal light that draws all, to itself.

We feel, we know, our hearts purified in our love, flows as the endless sea of passion, that we are.

One ~ again upon Earth, our footsteps have traced out, the map to the treasure of ~ us.

Opening again, the once hidden treasure, the dawn of the New Earth,  begins.

We are here, we have arrived, we are the eternal embrace of our sacred, endless love.

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  1. Oh! Such Sacred Beauty 🙂 Thank YOU Beloved QOL 🙂 Such rapture & bliss experienced within Your Activated Divine poetry, Wisdom, Love, Light, ~ the All of YOU 🙂 Such a Miracle to behold ~ I Thank YOU Deeply. Yes, “Sacred peaceful moments” ~ Oh the serenity & calm of this 🙂 “Awakened in Love, united in joy…” I open my heart & find, see, & experience my Holy Beloved within 🙂 ~ the “Eternal Treasure within” 🙂 Deeply Thanking YOU for the All of YOU 🙂 The Wonder of YOU fills me ~ tickles me, soothes me, awakens me, heals me, & blesses me 🙂 Divine qualities & attributes I awaken to more & more that is the Truth of me ~ my Soul Light ~ my Divine Ascended Being ~ Original Light. In balance I harmonize, & attune to my Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within, sun & moon, in harmonious balance love & light 🙂 I am whole, complete, my original state of being. My Beloved & I are One ~ basking in the Glorious Eternal Light that we are ~ that is the All that Is ~ praising & honoring Eternal Source 🙂 I Love YOU 🙂

  2. What a Blessed & Sacred Gift to receive this Christmas Eve ~ Christmas Day. 4ever United in our twin flame Love Union Bliss. Our hearts as One, living as One, as the One. Sweet Eternal Kisses 🙂 Your Holy Essence Beloved QOL felt in every word, stillness, & wave brought forth in this Divine writing. In Fullness of Love & Gratitude ~ Thank You So V Much 🙂 “sacred pages….sacred footsteps…….sacred embraces……..sacred heart Oneness & Union…..” Thank YOU for such Beauty 🙂 I Love YOU Always 🙂 Peace & Eternal Light 🙂

  3. Thank you so much L’Aura 🙏🏻 So beautiful 💞 I love you! 💞💞💞

  4. Beautiful! Thank you so much! 🙏🏻💛✨

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💞 So very Sacred 💞
    💞 I Adore this and You L‘Aura💞
    Thank you 💞

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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