The Shifts in Consciousness ~ The Signs

From the large department stores closing down to the breakdown of large groups. We see CHANGES.

The new “news” person is the individual who catches events on video, themselves and posts to YouTube.

The new ~ police and lawyers are the people who have their own evidence ~ often caught on their cell phones.

The new stars..the self created, individual.

We are witnessing the banks and internet closing down ~ temporarily.

Cell phones not working, suddenly. Internet stopping.

Money lost in cyberspace, and on and on the list goes on.

The Banks and large grocery stores, department stores,…all attempting to shift and change to FIT the new structure. Where each person becomes the consumer, choosing for themselves the best and quickest way of doing things.  Ruling out the old way.

The OLD way, is falling apart.

The new crime…those individuals taking it upon themselves to stand for their own version of a system of judgement. Standing up for a way of being…which is threatening them..into non existence. Fear and Judgment.

The Angels are the victims of the crimes…REPRESENTING  peace and LOVE. As the new way.

What we are seeing and witnessing is the break down of the “group” of mass consciousness. As more and more SHIFT to undergoing the CHANGE within themselves..the more we will see the breakdown of OLD patterns. OLD systems. Old ways.

This will include the money system.

Money, electronically, redistributed, as the WAY that is fitting for the NEW Truth of REALITY.

The LOVE wins…as EACH individual AWAKENS within themselves.

Aquarius ~ URANUS ~ rules electrical, the internet…ENLIGHTENMENT ~ FREEDOM. UNIQUENESS. The individual. The NEW way. Development and major shifts in technology and all NEW Creations.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

No more relying on the old structure.

NO more looking out there for change to take place within.

TRANSFORMING of self. Transformation of EACH Individual, developing their OWN awareness of their own UNIQUENESS is the way.

We are ONE in our EMERGING from the Void….We are CREATED as Unique Frequencies of SOURCE. OUR own God Self. Being exactly as we are created to BE. Our frequency.

Each Being takes on the incarnations that match its unique frequency. Each experience is unique.  Each plan is unique.

To step UP and embrace who we ARE in True Love, ALLOWS others to embrace their own individuality. Their Uniqueness. Each Being..when ready, welcomed into the Golden Age. The 5th Dimension.

IN true Love.

We are witnessing the breakdown of the old way.


Each of you receives the initiations and expansions that you are ready for. There are no delays.

The shifting of Frequencies are taking place suddenly. Overnight you may wake up as a new person.

The merging with other aspects and incarnations will become commonplace. AS the readiness to be FULLY unique, includes all aspects of our OWN uniqueness. MERGED as Whole Beings in our Original Light.

We are the ONES ~ that live as the NEW WAY.

Fully Unified.

Fully WHOlE As our Original Light. Our UNIQUENESS.

Focusing on your OWN self, going deep within yourself is the beginning of your transformation of your FORM. The Embodiment of the True you. The Eternal you.

Fully taking off the old clothing of the form…taking on the new form. The effects of what appeared as “time” being washed away. Being no longer the new way of Being.

All of this and more is being activated for YOU.

Rapidly things are shifting for you.

The New Earth is Emerging. The Individuals who are Enlightened in their form are COMING forth.

As the Divine Ascended Beings of LIGHT.

The New Way.

The New Earth.

The New Divine Humanity.

The New.  All else….is fading away.

In LOVE and Glory, with the Divine Council of Overseers.
The Forces of Consciousness. The Now.

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  1. I love you SO much, thank you!

  2. and so it is!
    thanks beloved Làura

  3. Is taking Place the new Human – Angelic Being ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Thank you. Grund: nai und davor lieben. I love ye to all cool things from you. Amiga, is you, from wonderful wiki

  5. As I read and feel your words, I feel peace. Trusting. Excited. I love YOU, L,Aura! 💖💖💖

  6. The other day I had this entire conversation with myself the mirror and the “Universe” about when will I be ready for more expansion, or level advancement, I feel like there is so much more I’m missing out on, like flying or something like that…then I read this and all is well. I love you L’Aura and Divine council of Overseers

  7. Beautiful! ~ Cheers! ~ LOVE U, Thank You! ~ ~ ~

  8. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 I Embrace my uniqueness💜 I trust my Unique Soul Plan💜
    Sacred Activation💜
    I Thank and Love you L’Aura💜

  10. Surrendered And Embraced In The Uniqueness Of The Divinely Perfect Plan ,
    I Love You L’Aura ,
    Thank You ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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