Transforming Self ~ Experiencing 5th Dimensional Consciousness

5th Dimensional Abundance is the FEELING of Abundance as a state of Being that is UNION Consciousness.

This includes, joy, bliss, happiness, with the sense of  never lacking anything. Never separate from what one desires.

Intentions set from this state of Abundance, through the Heart ~ brings  greater Joy and Abundance consciousness.

The consciousness that is that state is the consciousness that manifests more of itself.

As any state of consciousness does.

All reality is ~ is the manifestation of the inner sense of self-consciousness. The thing is ~ one cannot jump, so to speak, to 5th Dimensional Abundance on all levels, through a consciousness that seeks based on lack.

Only through BEING abundant within, through  heart focused awareness, is one then fully able to enter the constant awareness of union. Of not being separated from anything.

Flow ~ is a state of Being that is not resistant or attached to what is unfolding, now.

One does not shift to Abundance through intentions based on lack.

ACKNOWLEDGING and observing when you have and when and where you still are coming from a place of lack is part of the process. The first step.

Observing this ~ we then can begin the conscious awareness and intention through the heart ~ of living and Being in the feeling state of abundance. Through love. In love. In union ~ NOW. Which is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. 

Letting go of waiting for the proof to first be there as an external manifestation. Instead ~ Transforming the sense of SELF. To that of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. 

The access to Being permanently in a state of 5th Dimensional Consciousness is through BEING it. 

That is TRANSFORMING the connection to Self.  From separated self ~ to Full Divine Union ~ God Self.

One enters it through being it. Through feeling it. Through the heart.

This is a process of transformation.

You with your SELF ~ as in how you deal with yourself. Your attachments to a sense of lack. Your resistance to trusting and living through your heart. Trusting your Soul plan.

Often the initiations through the levels, are there to allow us, to fully be aware and release the attachments to the old ways of being. That come and stem from a sense of lack and separation.

When we know we are Divine ~ that in truth we are not separate and I mean truly KNOW Through our Heart. A shift takes place. WE live IT…IN all moments.

Lack consciousness is experienced as a feeling and is experienced through a sense of separation from everything one desires. Whether that is happiness joy, Love, relationships or money.

When we come from TRUTH ~ and trust. Trusting the way is through feeling and BEING ~ first within. AS creating the awareness of the New Self in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. We truly experience the invitations that allow us to go deeper and deeper into knowing ourselves. Being our True Self.

Being our Divine Self.

Not from the old way of the sense of lack. Letting go, and entering the NEW ~ through the consciousness and the awareness of ~ Being it Now.

Through the Heart of Trust and Love, and Being, Feeling Whole, United and Abundant Now. In the Glory and Love, Of All That is, Now. I love you.





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  1. Bozena Saint Germain

    Thank YOU for your Divine Love and Light, Beloved Goddess of Light.
    I LOVE YOU. 💕💖💕

  2. All part of your total and complete Transformation!!
    Sacred Soul!

  3. Ana Maria Arnao Hernández


  4. Very relaxing and powerful loving initiation love your Grace Om yes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Surrendered And Embraced In The Bliss That Is My Heaven On Earth 💛💛
    Eternal Love To You L’Aura
    💛💛 I Love You 💛💛
    Thank You From The Depths Of My Heart 💛💛

  6. Bozena Saint Germain

    Beloved L’Aura, My Divine Sister,

    Thank YOU for your Gift of Divine Love. I look for and I read your Divine Messages daily. I cherish each and every one of them in my Heart. I send you Love and connect with your Heart and Spirit several times a day. I love YOU.

    Last year I reached the Sacred Union God-Goddess Level of Consciousness. After I left the 15th Dimensional Matrix, I received a message that consciousness and DNA can be expanded or they can be decreased. Our physical Human experience changes as our consciousness and DNA changes.

    In the beginning of 2017 my inner clock of consciousness was purposely turned in reverse by 180 degrees. I felt and saw the switch with my Third Eye. My current physical experience reflects the change and it feels like a torture. I refuse to be in the old! My Highest Self please take me out of here!

    After the switch, I found myself in an old 3D reality with very dense energy and vibration and with people with low states of Consciousness. Why do I need to experience this? It is a torture for my Being. These old low energies, vibrations and realities are impossible to be in.

    My Heart knows the Truth, but my Mind is forced to connect to the lower states of consciousness. My Sacred Body is forced to be in the low vibrational surroundings almost all day. This is very harsh on me. It feels like a prison.

    Every moment, I connect with the Higher Levels of Love and Consciousness. I consciously take my Mind out of these dense thoughts so I can gracefully and quickly move to the Higher Levels of Being and Living. I need to live in the 5D reality now!

    I have tried almost everything.

    How do I leave the old? What is this experience for?

    I want to live in the 5D Reality every moment of my Life. I know it in my Heart and by my experience on Earth. How do I create it all over again? Why do I need to experience the reverse switch?

    Why was I sent to the OLD? This experience and this challenging work feels like a torture to my entire Being. Yes, I AM the Emerald Guardian, but even this work needs to be balanced and experienced in a loving, gentle, abundant, happy, simple and joyful way.

    How do I leave the 3D Matrix, enter the 5D Reality, go to my Sacred Union of God/Goddess Divine State of Consciousness and live my Sacred Divine Life this way?

    It is my desire and request to be with my Spirit Family connected to Beloved Mother Earth. It is my desire and divine right to live in ABUNDANCE, JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, FREEDOM, PEACE. I AM DIVINE ON EVERY LEVEL OF BEING.

    Why do I need to experience this harsh in-reverse switch? It is impossible for an awaken Divine Human to live in the old.

    Where is the quickest way out, my Beloved Highest I AM Presence of GODDESS and GOD?

    I AM DIVINE on all levels of consciousness. I deserve LOVE, ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, JOY, HAPPINESS on all levels of Being.

    As the Divine Presence of God on Earth I request the 5D experience for me and for all Life and for all Beings. It is impossible to live any other way. All is me and all Life is Divine.

    And so it is, Beloved I AM GOD in Human Body.

    The circle is now completed.

  7. Thankyou for these words, its amazing how one article can so ” click ” that understanding is instant and others take a bit more time,. That’s the beauty of your writings.

  8. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Sacred💜 Joy💜 Truth💜
    I Trust my Soul plan💜 I Love and thank you L’Aura💜

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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