Spring Equinox March 20th, 2017 ~ Your Original Light

The Sun ~ the Source of Light and Life here on Earth. Represents the Spiritual Sun, the Source of our Inner Spiritual Light. Our Soul and our journey through the seasons of the Sun, deep within us.

The Suns Movement in the sky. The Earths trip around the Sun, experienced outwardly as Astronomical events. Are experienced through the change of the Seasons ~ the two Equinoxes and two Solstices, which have long been celebrated by the Ancients here on Earth.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox (equal light ~ day and night) in the Northern Hemisphere, is on March 20th, 2017 at 7:28 am ADT.  The Southern Hemisphere will celebrate the Fall Equinox.

The shifts in LIGHT of the Seasons IMPACT us on many levels.

The physical journey through life, marked through time on Earth through the journey of the Sun LINKS us INWARDLY to our inner Solar Light. Our inner SOUL LIGHT. 

Our Solar Light.

The Light through which we become NEW.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox, we celebrate and welcome GREATER Light. The warmth of Spring after a long winter. The hope of the new. A new beginning.

An inner rebirth.

In the depths of our own inner winter, we prepare for our Greater inner Light of Day ~ our Enlightenment.

Born anew each moment. Each day. Throughout the Seasons. 

Yet eternally we are the same. The Same Soul frequency. Yet that sameness is our eternal consciousness. Our eternal Light. Which does not know itself as Human, but eternal.

Like the Sun and the seasons, we experience shifts and changes. The journey of our Soul ~ through being here on EARTH ~ is the process and journey of awakening.

Awakening and remembering ~ that we too are the SOURCE of Light, through which we flow.

Through our INNER Heart Sun. 

Celebrate and Receive Greater awareness of the ETERNAL Light that you are.

Honouring the inner and outer Sun while experiencing being here on Earth and throughout the  Seasons.

Honouring your Inner Light, as the Source of the eternal GOD SELF YOU.

Honouring Light and the movement of Light, through which we flow.

Honouring the Sun as the Spiritual Sun, the Central Sun, within us. The gives us life ~ through which we are and flow.

The Light of consciousness is not a species. It is eternal living LIGHT.  It flows  throughout all of your existences, timelines and parallel worlds.

It is the Original Light you. The God Self YOU. The Higher Self you.

Celebrating, activating, the Light that you are NOW ~ through which you flow. Through which you experience LIVING.

Your Original Light ~ Awakening and remembering NOW.

UNITING your awareness of all that you ARE as Light and have always been.

And So it is!

Holding you in the eternal GLORIOUS Light of your Eternal Original Light.

In the Sacred UNION that is you, throughout all timelines, parallel worlds and Universes. Masculine and Feminine aspects of SOUL as One.


Merging and awakening the conscious flow of LIGHT that flows through you.

Through your Eternal Heart. Your Eternal LIGHT. Your Eternal LOVE.

Feeling and receive!

Now and always! 

In the Glory of the Divine Council of Overseers and in the Eternal Glory and Love of All that is, RECEIVE.

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  1. Feeling great looking great Love is all there is. Thanks L’Aura If there were more loving people like you around spreading the love this ascension wouldn’t be half as rocky.

  2. Thank you for the meditation. Felt a stoing connection. Confirming what I have long wondered about. ❤️

  3. Mercedes Belalcazar M.

    Last night at about 3 a.m. I turned on my back and felt like I was sleeping, like a big flame burning inside my heart.
    Today in the morning I got up late, I felt floating and in a direct connection with my Higher Self.
    Also last night I suddenly felt my head hurt and I had a slight vision of you with a yellow cup in your hands.
    I understand more the illusion in which I am and the deep sleep that I am in, nevertheless I want finally to leave of this illusion. Also sometimes I wonder why I always feel in my right ribs so much rash, I think this has to do with my connection with my reality.
    ❤ ❤ I Love You Sacred and Divine Heart ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Receiving with open arms and humbly all that is good for me and those around me for our highest self…and sl it is..amen. ..thank you. ..Laura. .

  5. Most energetic transmission! thank you so much L’Aura – LoveLight to All!

  6. Been standing under the sun since yesterday. Feels so good.

  7. I adore this sacred post! Thank you so much, L’Aura. I am open and so deeply grateful to you, for you! I love you!! ❤🦋

  8. Sacred Light received thanks for so much Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. ♡💛♡💛♡💛♡💛♡

  10. Ich kann gar nifht sagen, wie wertvoll deine Arbeit mit den Menschen ist, das erkenne ich immer mehr ! Du bist ein Geschenk des Himmels fuer alle, die hier sind , um in ihre Bestimmung zu kommen und diese zu leben. Mein tiefster Dank geht an dich liebe L’aura, inkarnierte Goettin ! Namaste

  11. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 Sacred💛 I open and Receive💛 More Light- my new beginning- my rebirth 💛 Thank you L’Aura💛 I Love you💛

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