Observing The “I” of You ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


When events shift, and things do not go the way you want them to go, it is a deep slippery slope, so to speak, to focus on how things are NOT the way you want them to be. That focusing on what you WANT and do not YET have, is the ego (or lower self whatever you want to call it) and how “it” functions ~ which is never in the present moment.

All LIFE is ~ is in the now.

There is no an awaited fulfillment.

For those that are living through the lower self, you may believe that it will arrive. Yet look in the mirror to what is doing the waiting.

The present moment does not wait.

Missing out on life, is not enjoying now.

Events do not make enjoyment now.

Things changed one day, do not make now better.

NOW is bliss when entered into fully.

Waiting for a future is NOT being HAPPY with NOW.

Not accepting NOW.

Not loving yourself Now.

Always waiting and it never arrives.

Temporarily with enough stimulus, one may think things are better, but it’s always what is next on the agenda.

What is next. What will fulfil next.

One day. Another replacement needed. Another addiction fulfilled. Another fix, with the high of adrenaline, that is a superficial replacement for deep peace, harmony and joy, which are eternal. And ALWAYS EXIST in the NOW.

The voice that screams of any experience not wanted, is not the Higher Self voice. The “I’ That speaks of sadness, is not the Higher Self voice. It is the VOICE that is here to be LOVED. It’s voice is LOUD only to be loved. Its pain is painful, only to get attention and acknowledgement only to be LOVED.

Being ruled through the consciousness of the lower self, is the slippery slope I was referring to at the beginning of this post.

Do you really want to plunge deeply into that?

The entrenching pain of the lower self, addicted to stimulus and needing to get what it wants. Is a painful path with no peace. No joy. No love. It demands all of your energy. Leaving the LIFE out of living.

The Higher Self (God Self, whatever you want to call it) lives only in the moment.

Being in the present and not in how you want things to be (living through the smaller self) is the only way to LIVE through the higher frequency Dimensions where the Higher Self “it” lives.

Yes it. It has no name. Only on Earth we use names to communicate through mortal language. Call it Divinity. Call it God. It makes NO difference what you call it.

It is the YOU the I of YOU, that knows not pain.

That knows only love.

That knows joy.

That knows peace.

That LIVES in the NOW.

It is all now. The idea of a future, still plays out in the NOW.

It is always watching you. Watching you immerse yourself in sadness. In wanting or attempting to get what you want.

What you want through the lower self “it” is not what you want as your Higher Self  “it” that is, the I of You that is eternal.

The resistance towards allowing your Higher Self lead the way, is the resistance the ego (lower self) has to NOT letting go of what it WANTS.

Yet what it wants, is not what the Higher Self Wants.

So who is ruling the show? The show and life of You? And which YOU ( or “it”) are you referring to that is ruling?

If it is about getting what you want then it is the lower self.

The Higher Self already has it all. It is all within and it is eternal.

OBSERVE what is running your life. Go deeper into observing if you are living through your Higher Self of ego, lower self.

If you wanting your way, unhappy that you do not have what you want, that is the voice of the lower self “it” WAITING to be LOVED through You.

This loving yourself, your lower self,  is the PROCESS through which you Ascend. There is no mistake in this.

If you are living in peace and harmony, your Higher Self is present and living through you. The Higher Dimensions living through the form.

Now, you can observe what the lower self wants and still be in joy. No matter what is going on. That is CALLED MASTERY.

How are you doing? What are you wanting? How are you when you are not getting what you want?

And at the end of the day, which “I” has had the greatest voice. Which “I” have you identified with the most?

Are you consciously aware when you function through the smaller you or the Higher Self You?

Are you aware of the difference in how that feels?

Are you observing? Are you practising observing?

Every moment is precious.Those are not just words. FEEL THIS.

LIFE is the GIFT.

Living is the GIFT.

Love the lower self that wants what it does not have.

And know that LOVING the part of you (lower self you, whatever you want to call it) IS EXACTLY the process of what is taking place through you AS PART OF YOUR ASCENSION. You practise being ascended. You practise mastery.

You pay attention to ALL that goes through your awareness.

Apply the Love. To the lower self. What else is there to LOVE? You cannot love anything or anyone, more than the love you love yourself with.

The Higher Self loves itself.

Are you getting this at a deep level, do you feel a shift in your body?

If not, read this several times. When I write getting it, I am referring to energetically SHIFTING.

And so it is ~ The “I” God self ~ Higher Self You, shines its Light upon you now, filled with love and joy and all things GREAT. That the ego attempts to get, but can only do so, through the merging with the GREAT I ~ the eternal you.

All Now, and so it is Beloved Angels! Freedom, and LOVE. Quantum changes

Eternal ~ Heaven on Earth, within!



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  1. One of your best posts! Grateful Thanks L’Aura 🙂

  2. Yes, I feel the shift within . Yet it takes time to terminate old ‘software’ of conditioned living. But how awesome and quite new to feel no pain, no frustration anymore when my ‘i’ doesn’t get its ‘wants’. It brings freedom, just to watch, embrace and love all that is coming in the moment. I am ever so grateful for a privilege to receive so much loving help! Love!!!

  3. magical ~in the moment…..L’Aura please check your inbox..Mureithi Kariuki

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