Tuning in to your Divine God Self ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


When we tune in to Our Divine God Self, all the patterns and the stories of the non conscious (as Divine) Self, dissolve and are not present. That is a great indicator, if you ever wonder, or question, what voice are you listening to.

Also, if you wonder if you are in the present moment or not. As when you are in the present moment you ARE Being your Divine Self. In the present moment you are experiencing the pureness of being. Those stories do not exist in the present moment, or in the Presence of your Divine God Self.

If you are wondering why you feel sad, or not good often, this is also the a powerful indicator you are living through your stories, your suffering. In other words, your non conscious as Divine God Self, awareness. It is all consciousness. Through the stories, lives pain and separation, as the beliefs, you function through. Your Filter of consciousness.

Through the Present moment, lives the Divine You. Full as is. In tune with the flow of your eternal God Self. Fully free from pain and suffering.

Tuning in, slowing down. Noticing how your body feels. Focusing on your heart. Your breath. All allow you to be more conscious as to which perceptions, you are living through.

Your Higher Self, (Divine God Self) is always present. So it isn’t like you are trying to create something new. You are simply tuning in to, that which you were not conscious of, when all the stories were present.

Switching over to the new way, may take practise. As the old patterns and stories, having received so much validation through emotional repetition, still desire to be heard, through the subconscious mind. In other words, it just means you are not fully done with it yet. The great news is this is part of the Practise!!

Now you can take those old wounded stories, and give love to them.

Oh my, the hurt child within, desires to be heard! Listened to!

That is a GREAT thing!

Then you are really, beginning to apply the LOVE to YOU! 5th Dimensional Consciousness in ACTION! Yay! That is exciting! Celebrate those moments. You are living proof that old patterns dissolve in the PRESENCE of YOUR Divine God Self. After all, your Divine God Self (Higher Self) was always Divine and Perfect! You are applying this awareness and switching over in consciousness!

In the present moment as your Divine Self, the Love applied, is PURE. There is no thing to solve or heal. YET, we are applying the Higher Self Love to the “non conscious as Divine Self” so AS TO integrate these aspects INTO the Love. INTO our Divine Self. God Self.

Isn’t this Exciting? It sure is.

As you continue to Practise this Grand Self Love through your 5th Dimensional God Self practise, celebrate where you ARE Now.

In your Glorious Ascension, every hour, every moment, the momentum increases. And in this Glorious Light and Perfect Love I hold you, Divine Angels. The miraculous journey, of All That is. And so it is!

MagicalHeavenon Earth

Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

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  1. No words, just adore you.

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💛Miraculous💛 Very excited💜 Love it and Love you💛

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