Dreaming Awake Your Ascension through Your Divine Self


When there is day time you appear to be awake, when you are in the process of what is called sleep on earth, you seem to be asleep. Yet in awakened conscious reality, you are closer to being awake when you are sleeping.

You may seem to struggle to remember your dreams, yet find it easier to remember the events of the day.

The consciousness of being awake, is not as clearly remembered when asleep (this may be your day time) and the subtle nuances of the moment during the day, may be missed. With all the external stimuli taking your attention away from your internal experiences, you may lose focus of the moment.

These internal experiences are always taking place. You are always awake and fully the Divine You.

Consciousness as in being conscious of this, is the awareness I am transmitting here.

Whether asleep during the day and appearing wide awake. Or awake while you sleep yet appear to be in a world far from the everyday world of form and external experiences. These are the worlds within you that are merging. The worlds of consciousness.

How do you consciously reconcile the worlds of experience within you, into a whole harmonious conscious experience. As there is no doubt you exist and are experiencing sensations, the processing of data, thoughts, emotions and more. All at once.

The world of the higher self (which you always exist as) is the life-giving flame of your Eternal Soul. You may call this your eternal Light Body, your God Self, your Soul self. Your Divine Self.

Words used to interpret the higher levels of being do not translate into the experience. They fall short of a true translation. As only through experience you can know them.

The emotional self is deeply connected to your subconscious self, the child like nature within you.

The mental every day self is in charge of taking care of your physical self. At the higher levels of awareness, consciously, the everyday consciousness may act like the loving parent to the subconscious inner child. Unconsciously, not so loving. As Logic does not understand the nature and innocence of emotions.

The physical realm of being, that is form, is given direction both by your emotional self (subconscious) and your mental self; the you that goes through life, seeming to not be aware of all the processes going on. Hidden fears, the inner child needing to be loved, the emotional self, that may be left, unheard. In the night-time dream world, not always remembered, this may be experienced as the voice in dreams, that feel fear and desire to be loved.

When fully awake The God Self You becomes “Consciously” in charge of All of these processes. That is, you exist consciously as the Divine You, making the choices, loving all the parts of you, into wholeness.

This Divine fully awake you,, then, lovingly governs consciously, the physical world of form, the emotional subconscious self (inner child) and your mental every day self. Through love.

The harmonious wholeness, that was once “experienced” as separateness while not fully awake consciously, awakens as embodied love, through the mirror of its own Divinity, experiencing itself. The cohesiveness of love ( as your Divine Self) embodies the awareness of always existing. That knows no beginning or end.

This Union  is the awake you. The Conscious embodied you of your Divinity.

How do you go from the seemingly scattered separated you, to the whole you. The you that your life when fully governed by your Higher Self consciously, is your Heaven on Earth.

You are going through this process, now.

Loving your self, even when it feels like trying, are the steps you take, to gently allow your emotions, your mental mind, your physical self, to catch up with, lovingly, the fully becoming, all that you already are. The transition is huge, although it is natural and simple.

You are transforming old ways of being that once believed you were all those parts. You are transforming consciously into eternal love. Intuition is uniting with logic. You are becoming fully loved and healed. This is a process and one that cannot be forced.

As it is only through the Love that is the cohesiveness and harmony of your Divine Self, within you, that all that you are, truly knows, and is, all that you are.

Love is gentle. It does not force or demand.

So to you, even if it feels like practice, through your loving patience to all the pain and fear that you feel within your heart. Becomes the blossoming and the freeing from all that only appeared, to keep you separate.

Feel these words, how they feel to your body. Breathe them in. Know the plan of your Divine Self for you, has and always will be, perfect. Even if the logical mind cannot understand at this point. It is unfolding perfectly. Be the water flowing like the river. Be the breath that knows it is eternal. Be the love that heals the wounded parts within you, that are only there as the innocence to be loved. Your Sacred inner child.

I hold you in this “becoming” of the Glory of You ~ Eternally. The Awakened awareness of Light, that has always existed. The Love of All That is. That has always been present. Here I am. The Love, for you.


Eternal ~ Heaven on Earth!



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  1. Thank you very much for your beautiful, timely, loving and bright messages. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Open my Heart to Receive 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Last night in meditation I saw that image you have in this beautiful message. I also saw a river flow and a voice was heard that said: "He who drinks from the Fountain of Life, not die." Also I saw you for a moment and told me "merci".

  2. Sacred miracles and love!!

  3. Holding you in love Divine Angel!!

  4. Perfect, thank you!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Dearest L’Aura, I am so deeply moved and eternally grateful for this beautiful transmission. Thank you!! ❤️ I love you so!! ❤️

  7. Brilliant. Today you bring me a New Way of Seeing someone vastly important in my Life….my mother Laura. She suffered darkness, and because of her, I found all the Light I could in every situation. Today I read her name as a droplet of yours L’aura. And I shall see her as a lightbody, now, who came to earth to leave amazing lessons for me,as I leave lessons for many in the wake of our lives. I am with you in grateful ways this day. Loved every single reinforcing thing you said about the God Self being closer to realization as we sleep ~ beautiful. I choose to rest in peace while I live. There will be work to do for others when I leave. Thank you again, Gracious One.

  8. Deep words Thank You !!
    I love You

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