The Alignment with your God Self ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Portals and Magic. Your Divine Alignment, this is what this is about. Your Ascension. You consciously aligned with the God Self You.

Yet at the mental level of understanding, when the mind is in control OVER the heart, there is no way to come to an understanding or an experience, and a knowing, of this.

Your Blueprint holds the light codes of this alignment through your Heart.

To be at peace, at harmony, with your Original Light, consciously. The Key word is consciously.

You are already in this alignment.

No attempts are trying to get there or figure this out will do. Your Blueprint and its is design, has in place the Path, that leads you to this.  There is no bypassing the way through your Heart.

The void, was your first arising as Source Light, that is your God Self.

You have been through experiences of consciousness where you became a Soul, through your Soul Star Matrix and then stepped down through portals of consciousness into experiences of being in form. Attempting to figure out what Earth is all about, is not the purpose of incarnation.

Aligning with your Origins is, consciously.

Eventually all will come to the frequency point of consciousness and experience this grand conscious alignment. This is cosmic consciousness. The conscious awareness and alignment with the God Self You.

The heart, the Soul, magic and union are experienced through living in Harmony.

The Consciousness of Harmony.

When aligned fully with your heart, that is your heart rules your mind, then you exist in this state of perfect Harmony. This is perfect union, with your God Self.

Cosmic consciousness, 5th Dimensional Consciousness are then perceived through Harmony. As this is the gateway. Your heart the portal. Your awareness your realization, of all of this.

The memories of your Original Alignment, your first being a Soul are held in your Blueprint as well as all of your stepping down in frequency experiences. The access is through the portal and existing in the gateway, the threshold of the eternal you.

Through your Heart, all of this becomes consciously realized.

Cosmic consciousness. Ascension. Memory of the all of you. The the magic of being in the magical state of Union. I say magic because it is magical. It is the world of dreams come true. Where the living of your consciousness, becomes pure magic. Where all manifests effortlessly. Time has no constraints here. As all happens for you, at the eternal level. The level of your God Self.

The journey through the Heart is the alignment. Which is your Heaven on Earth.

Align now with your heart. Breathe deeply and receive this activation. Love yourself, love the pain. Love the loneliness. Love everything that you feel. Love all experiences.

Receive the Divine Ascended Being Activation, which is an energy transmission, awakening aspects of your consciousness that appear dormant to you. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes after every hour.

Receive the love and the gentle whispers of your heart. That let you know, the love of your heart is present.

It is this love that you step through all doorways of realization and arrive fully in the moment as the God Self You.

In all the Glory of Divinity, I hold you. The Light of Source Consciousness. God Self Consciousness. Fully Realized, fully aligned. Full being, the eternal love of all that is. In the uniqueness of Source God Self Light, I activate You. The New Divine Humanity, The Divine Ascended Being Activation, Eternally and Now, as One.


Eternal ~ Heaven on Earth!



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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.

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  1. your words are very deep thanks for this activation it is entering my consiousness

  2. Sacred. Thank You, love You!!❤️

  3. Its a honor to recive this activation
    I love You!! ❤ ❤

  4. Thank you so much for this sacred activation, L’Aura. Tears of joy as I read and feel this. I love you!! ❤️

  5. Thank you for the activation. Im loving my pain now💛

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Thank you💜 I open myself to receive this Activation💜 Love you💜

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