Christmas Day, Full Moon~Light Activation


There has been a lot of hype about the upcoming Full Moon being rare. The Last Full Moon on Christmas Day was just under 40 Years Ago. The next Full Moon on Christmas Day will not take place till the year 2034. Add to this also during the Christmas season, an Asteroid on Christmas Eve. With the recent powerful, Winter Solstice, one thing for sure, what we have is a powerful Full Moon in Cancer, on December 25th, at 7:11 am AST. Which adds to the intensity, of Your Transformation.

Emotions and deep subconscious stirrings, will allow more that is within you, to be brought to the Light, to the Light of Consciousness, this Christmas Day.

Full Moons are a culmination. What takes place on the Full Moon, began on the New Moon. Full Moons are often very emotional times. Now with this Full Moon in Cancer, on Christmas Day (already a stressful day for some) being submerged in deeper emotional water, bringing to Light, all that is not yet fully transformed, will be part of the Gift, you receive. How you receive it, will be up to you.

Are you projecting? Are you living for the future? Are you fully accepting how we are? And what arises? Are you Being Present and Loving (sometimes under the fire, or so it seems) the Moment, unconditionally?

This is not about judgement, this is about recognition, and application of acceptance and love. There is no way around this, but through this. Everything is to be taken to the Altar of surrender and Love.

Any insecurities, unmet emotional needs and desires, will now be on the table.

ALL that arises, is UP for Transformation.

Those that have transformed deeply, as part of the First Wave of Ascension, will now go even more deeply, under the spotlight. The spotlight of Consciousness, revealing to you, what is now ready to be accepted, loved and transformed, within you. That has been waiting, to be Loved. Relax and breathe, slow down and read the following paragraph a few times. Consciously.

I accept that I am still attached to outcome. I accept I am not living in the moment. I accept, there are areas of disharmony within me. I also accept, I now, can apply Love to all of my experiences, which will allow me to transform, from one way of being, to another. From what once appeared as lack, to now, fully thriving. Fully thriving as my authentic self, fully being. Not hiding or masking who I am and all the areas that are not yet loved, but not, to openly, embrace myself, at a level never experienced before. With All That I Am.

Breathe that into your Being. Over and over. Be the Change, within you.

Let this Christmas Day Full Moon, be a conscious reminder, to be conscious, and to give the greatest gift of all. Self Love, unconditional Love. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. As a way of Being, the Pure you. The Christ Consciousness within you, Brought to the Light of your every breath. Your every moment. With all that you Are.

On Christmas Day, from 7am till 8am AST I will be having a Christmas Day ~ Light Activation.

Be open to receive, be open for transformation. Be open, to live, the Life of your Dreams. And a Very, Merry, Christmas to you.

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Eternal Love and Heaven on Earth!



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  1. Merry Christmas dear Queen of Light, wonderful message. ❤ ❤ I ❤ ❤ Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    December 19. I did a meditation and suddenly I felt an intense blue light bath and hands took some of my belly, I felt pain, I felt I left the air.
    The December 21. I felt various sensations, like a flutter of wings over me and my journey through space and time and I think I was in Mu, I saw some trees with some strange marks, everything went very fast.
    . On December 23 my conscience whispered me: "Solar Consciousness" this day I contact my Higher "Sananda" He look, he smiled me, he is very large with a great light on his forehead, he did not say anything but I felt his presence, his power and was accompanied by other beings of light.
    The December 24th. It was as if asleep and had a vision that was moving in a clear, very high green cloud and nauseated me, I felt that was very high in space and like this owner.
    The December 25th. I felt in my soul the birth of my Christ self.
    At night I was in the park and suddenly see the sky and saw an explosion of light, many areas of bright light moving at high speed, also saw a bright light like a star slipping through the clouds very quickly. This full moon day, is very powerful and very beautiful, I saw her with a red circle on the inside and a light blue circle on the outside.

    Excuse me if too long I want share it with you

  2. silverangelswings

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    Thank You Thank You, re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings blog…Peace and Love I Love you xx

  3. Sacred Love ~ Dear Soul!! 🌟🌟🌟

  4. thank you ❤ this is giving me a beautiful Christmas of SERVICE & GRATITUDE~~ ❤ ❤ i love you ❤

  5. Thank you for your work.

  6. Be open to receive, be open for transformation. Be open, to live, the Life of your Dreams. And a Very, Merry, Christmas to YOU!

    This is soooooooo beautiful! I love your words that you share. Thank you for sharing YOU.
    Thank you for holding me as I walk this path
    I love you

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    💜🌕Such a ‘gift’💜🌕i am open to receive💜 Beautiful powerful💜🌕 Thank YOU L’Aura💜 I love you💜

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