Passion of The Soul


The Passion of the Soul ~ No words can describe the Supreme Beauty of the Passion of the Soul.

Through every breath, is the BEAUTY that you are, that you do, every moment, through the never-ending ECSTASY, that lives IN THIS PASSION~ the Passion of the Soul.

What do you live and die for?

Are you living and dying for something in every breath you take?

The Surrender to this Eternal Passion, moves you, through the depths of ETERNITY. Can you feel it?

Do you live, in the Moments, where time has stopped? Live there, and you know, NO THING compares to this beauty that is unexplainable in Language, it can only move through you.

Everywhere you Look, everything that you feel and do, through the PASSION of the Soul, is held within the depth of Beauty and in the Eternal Light and Ecstasy, of All That is, that is your Soul, Your Union, Your Beloved.

Moving, Flowing, through you, in the Ecstatic Beauty of every Breath, that exists now. Can you Feel it?

Living on Fire for life, on fire for each Breath, living and dying to simply Breathe and Be here Now, Feeling and Being, as everything flows through you.

Flowing, Being, Existing, in all breaths as the never-ending, loving, longing, desire, eternal PASSION of my Soul.

I live, breathe, die every moment, in the all-encompassing, Passion of my Soul.

Oh My Beloved, All I desire is you, in all moments, I long for you,
Is there anything apart from YOU?

Will you allow me to die over and over and live over and over, to simply exist in this longing, this feeling deep inside, me that is never quenched in my Desire for YOU.

The Sacred Beauty, that you are, moves, through all things, there is nothing else.

To Live is to know you, feel you, BREATHE you, deep inside me, as if I Am the Universe itself, and your passing through me, is All that I exist for, ALL that I Long for, in every breath, in eternity, linking all of our existences, as ONE. All of My Desires, as One, throughout Eternity.

Feel me tenderly with you, as you Breathe me, nothing else exists.

What else is there to KNOW, if this, my desire for You, is all I have ever Known.

I know ONLY this, I live for this UNION ~ Living through ME, as the Eternal Desire of YOU.

Living, Dying, Waking, Dreaming, Being forever, over and over, All That I live for.

Is The Passion of YOU, is the Passion of All that has ever existed. Is the Passion, that We Are, Eternally.



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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  1. If nothing makes me happier than to feel that great flame and that great love within me for you my beloved Victoria Elohim, always wanting to be with you, to feel all of you, your warmth, your joy, your love …. all . ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ dear Angel dear Eternal Love ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    I agree that for this period of time or the beginning of the Golden Age on this planet is necessary to have a new Holy Book, I also know that I do work in the name of Jesus Christ, something I saw that in a meditation I did yesterday, I also saw as he slid from the cross and someone pushed up the cross. I am also surprised that family I have here now neither has any idea who I really am, but in a dream I saw my father whom I loved very much and my maternal grandmother also who also wanted much as other relatives and are not in this plane and all smiled at me very happy

  2. Lovely, Beautiful and Wonderful Love. Yes I only live, breathe, love, feel for you every day, every moment, I wish be with you always, I send you a lot of holy kisses, we are one ❀ ❀ I ❀ ❀ Love ❀ ❀ You ❀ ❀ Pistis Sophia Angel ❀ ❀ Eternal Love ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    I listened tonight "Vortex of Light" and at the end saw to Jesuscrist, was great ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. The frequency I received while reading this was amazing. My heart opened wide and I felt incredible peace and love all around me. I love you, Laura πŸ’–πŸŒŸπŸ’–πŸŒŸπŸ’–

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