When the night, feels very dark


When the night feels very dark, and the time has come,
for you to decide.

Which way you will choose to go, enter your heart.

Your mind won’t understand, what really is going on,
enter your heart, stay present there.

In your stillness, be transformed,
and listen for my call.

Open your heart, let go of perceptions,
of the mind.

Appearances, are not what they seem,
do not go by them.

Only Your heart, will know the  truth,
and understand.

Love is eternal, and welcomes you home,
in Pure beauty and truth.

I hold you dearly, through all time,
in the now.

Awaken from your sleep,
do you hear your heart?

The still quiet voice, of your Soul,
rests forever there.

white rose

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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About The New Divine Humanity

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  1. Beautiful and lovely, yes I am waiting your call dear Laura, love you

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    Thank you Laura
    Yessss feel it
    Love you

  3. this is different from what you usually right. its more a personal message I feel, to me because i’m paying attention I guess.
    anyway, that’s the way I take it. I feel something major is about to happen and will be spending more time sitting in my heartspace.


    love you Elohim Victory xxxx

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