The Power of Creating, through Desire and Resistance


IMPORTANT NOTE on the Power of creating through the vibrations (conscious and unconscious) of Desire and Resistance!

What you “don’t” want to happen is a powerful Vibrational force creating your reality. It doesn’t feel good when you feel it? Right?  That is what resistance is, and fear and resistance are the same thing.

You can VIEW Fear and Resistance, as something to be welcomed, for what those vibrations truly ARE. They are simply AREAS of memory patterns ( karmic traces) not YET released, yet desiring to be released (that is why they come UP). The feedback of  Universal Law, of the mirror, truly is your friend. There are no energies that you fall into accidentally, if they come up and you are dealing with them over and over (resistance and fear) it is SO THAT you will “finally” be FREE from those vibrations, that clearly are NOT creating the reality (you say)  you truly desire.

This is about Frequency Alignment and Surrender.  Alignment with Desire and Surrendering Resistance (fear).

Resistance and desire (both) create your Reality, through your emotions and thoughts, which send out very specific vibrations, which then come back to you as your Reality ( your life).

Be mindful of all moments, of all sensations and emotions, because you are creating in “ALL” moments.

You may want to look closely, at the fears you hold, of the worst POSSIBLE life, and how that would feel if it happened (which you are feeling if you are experiencing resistance)  that LIFE scenario that keeps playing out over and over.  Make peace with that fear (resistance to it happening)  so that the POWER of its vibration begins to weaken as frequency, in your energy field. Then you will be FREE to vibrate POWERFULLY with your Desires, which are always the  vibrations of peace, love, ecstasy, you know~ the life you DO Desire!!

This is why so many come close, to the perfect Life, then fall back. They are still HOLDING the powerful Vibration of Resistance to that OTHER undesirable reality. Then that life which you resisted, also shows up (for some people over and over) do you SEE?

The CONSTANT in and out of different realities, (emotions and vibrations) DEPENDS on how much RESISTANCE you hold to the REALITY you do not desire.

When you are FREE from resistance, (through surrender, oh how I love that frequency) you are ALLOWING your DESIRES to come to you! WHY? Because you are not battling with another powerful Creation Vibration KNOWN as Resistance (which for many it is the life you fear will happen).

What your Heart desires, feels so VERY PERFECT (doesn’t it?)
and WHEN you feel that, You are creating that to manifest in a sacred beautiful way! (ahhhh I live there!)

The in and out of different realities ( your life going up and down dramatically) DEPENDS on how much RESISTANCE you hold (not yet surrendered) to the REALITY you do not desire.

So, let go of the powerful vibration of resistance, (that does not feel good anyway) and FOCUS on your desired FEELING (that oh so beautiful vibration of ecstasy) and watch, in Great Awe, your life transform, with Ease and Grace.

I am Holding you there!! in your Blissful, Perfect, Loving, Ecstatic Life, of Fulfillment! That is the Vibration and Frequency of your Soul, in perfect Union!

That Union, oh yes, what every heart truly desires to FEEL in Form, and live there. Why not live there?

Release your fears, LOOK at them, so that you have no resistance within you as Frequency.

Vibrate and Live in your Heart’s Desires, then your Highest Destiny will arrive.

I love you!

DNA Abstract

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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  1. Really this is so true! I never quite understood, when I was told ‘ask for what you desire, don’t dislike and resist what you have now, you’ll just get more of it’. Now I do! Thank you.

    I love you Priest Queen of Mu xxxxx

  2. Excellent Laura, superb sensibly spiritual

  3. Yes, I love it now when I feel resistance because it shows me that I have something to let go of. And knowing the mirror is so helpful to see what you need to release. I love surrender, it is so peaceful! And I desire to be in love and joy! Love you Laura! xo

  4. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Wonderful and lovely way, thank you dear Laura, love, love, love you

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