The Flow of the Perfect Life


You are constantly living in every Moment “Your” Perfect Life.

How can that Be ~ you Ask?

When it certainly MAY not feel like it.

You may say to yourself,  I want this I want that. It is not perfect.

However, Every Moment is the TRUE reflection of Your Frequency, the Mirror, your mirror.

Ponder this truth.

As the reflection, of “WHAT IS” how can it NOT be PERFECT?

It is constantly communicating with YOU your TRUTH to you.

You desire it otherwise? Do you feel your life is no LONGER how you desire it to be?

Then Great, your Soul Says!

You have looked into the mirror of your creation and chosen a NEW Reality!!!!

Then you live in that new space,  and that BECOMES is  your NEW Perfect Life.


You are constantly in a state of Change, and your life adjusts itself, to your focus, to your desire. What felt perfect 10 years ago, may not feel perfect now. As you are in a constant state of changing, feeling this reality, out and that reality.

Truth is ONLY perfect, as it is the perfect feedback for you.

Truth is the mirror, HOW you see, feel about YOUR Creations, what is taking place within your life.

When you SEE and KNOW this you will know you are existing in a PERFECT Feedback Universe, which EXISTS in truth (even if you don’t want to look yet) FOR YOU. This is very empowering, as when you see the truth, you ADJUST your focus, your emotions, your attention, and CREATE the life your desire.  You are creating your life, is it the ONE you desire?

So now today embrace this Moment, this is the perfect moment~ LIFE. This is allowing and surrendering.

Tomorrow will be a NEW perfect Life. It is in constant flow and movement, based on your thoughts, words, emotions and frequency.

When you make changes (as you always do) WITHIN YOU you will see the result externally.

You are ALWAYS living INSIDE your perfect Life and which is CONSTANTLY shifting itself, to YOUR Frequency, to YOUR FOCUS.

Get to know what is YOUR TRUE heart Desires, focus on THAT and then THAT perfect Life shows up!!!

Create your List if you have not done so, from Heaven and Earth Blog POST and update it monthly.

Truth is not dependent on whether you realize it or not!

Realizing, Accessing, Focusing on the Truth of your life (what you see) ~ catapults you to Greater and Greater acceptance, of HOW you ARE and have been CREATING your REALITY~ and allows you to CONSCIOUSLY make the change and be the change, you TRULY Desire.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Oh yes, seeing this always now, my mirror, my frequency showing me where I am at, and what is reflected back is always showing me my current vibration. I see what I am creating more clearly. And what is not really in harmony stands out. Amazing! xo

  2. this a spectacular guide! I can look ‘back’ in my life and see the so called good and bad, but after reading this I know it was ALL just ‘perfect’, “what is”!
    now i’m more attuned to these words, I feel and see the results of where my heart is.

    I am following my heart, my Truth, and my life and destiny follow my heart.

    I love you Priest Queen of Mu xxxx

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    Beautiful flow of life and miracles with love
    Love it
    Love you Laura

  4. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Wonderful and lovely message, That’s right, look inside me to get where I have to get, love you

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