Your experience is your frequency..


Your Blueprint is Activated based on your Frequency.

Everything in your Life occurs based on your Dominant Frequency.

I have witnessed codes in people’s Blueprint activate and their life advances and they move into Health, well-being and Love.

I have ALSO witnessed people’s Codes in their Blueprint activate and they go deeper and deeper into despair and anger.

Why is that?

Your Dominant Frequency Activates New Patterns or Old Patterns in your Blueprint Design.

Why would someone choose More Fear?

Free will is Free Will…there is no judgement about what you choose, energy is neutral.  You are the creator.

Why in past lives did you choose the same thing over and over?

You can apply this truth to your current incarnation.

And PLEASE do test it out, apply it and see for yourself, this is how KNOWING becomes Profound.

And although there are NO Accidents ~ YOU have a Life Plan and Your Life Plan unfolds Based on the Dominant Frequency You hold.

You as in You, your current incarnation.

Fate…is what happens to you when you live in the lower vibrations of despair and disharmony.

Your Highest Destiny takes place when you Live in Harmony, Love and Peace.

Or why else would you keep incarnating?

How many lives have you lived in disharmony?

In harmony?

During THIS momentous time on Planet Earth the DENSITY is being LIFTED in You as MUCH as YOU shift your DOMINANT Frequency to the Higher Frequencies.  The MIRROR.

I hear so many comments, like good luck, or I suppose it was not meant to be because it didn’t work out, or everything happens on time. Really? time? You are Moving through time, time does not move.

What you experience and see is your frequency. 

And whether you want to OWN your life or Not!  the truth is still the Truth.

I urge you, if you TRULY Desire greater Abundance, Happiness and Love, LIVE IN HARMONY now, start NOW.

Experience Life through Your Heart!

Harmony = happiness, well-being, destiny and  abundance.

Disharmony = dis-ease, unhappiness, depression, anger, fear and fate.

Do YOU think you can fool the Universal LAW of the Mirror?

Everything is PERFECT because your REALITY is the Reflection of Your Frequency and state of Being.  How else can the Blueprint of the entire universe represent truth.

How else can you TRULY be the CREATOR?

And you Are.

Being the Creator of your existence is not a fun thing you  pick up and try, or one day you become it.  You ARE IT!  Look around you ~ Look in the Mirror!

All change takes place as you experience a change in heart. One way or the other, which way do you want to go?

You are a Creator and you ARE creating your reality.

Life doesn’t HAPPEN to YOU. You are Participating in an AGREED Life Plan through your Soul Blueprint.

Energy itself is Neutral.

So Please embrace the Light of Your Soul through living in your Heart in the Frequency of Harmony.

DNA Abstract

Timeless movement, codes of light,

activated within, appearing without.

Who loves the mirror, embrace it,

you will see, the light of fate or destiny.

Love each moment, as it unfolds,

the key has always been, DNA and frequency.

Where to go, where to start, look within,

embrace your heart.

With each breath, you can enter,

that holy place, that is your treasure.

Don’t take my word, see for yourself,

embrace your existence, you are its creator.

Live in harmony, and you will see,

the light of your beloved, divine ecstasy.

In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    Thank you Laura . Being a light to us. Love you

  2. To be or not to be. In a small meditation for a moment I saw you, I am impressed by the great sensitivity to feel, I feel intensely your transmissions, my great gratitude for you dear Laura

  3. the whole blog was fascinating, loved it. I’m remembering to live centered now, not all days but working on that. Your comment on how we move through time, not ‘time’ passing, is huge.
    I am practicing now, I am here now.

    love you and your new blog Queen xxxx

  4. … amazing blog , I especially like the concept : “You are Moving through time, time does not move. ” , so true I just experienced it yesterday, we decide when we want to move , to change , ” miracles ” can happen in a second , over night or it might take months or years , we decide it , depending on our believes .

  5. ohhh Laura..Thanks!!!!, I’m feeling it. Sometimes I get confuse about my destiny, or I don’t know still what is it. I allow the confusion to happen been kind with myself, I trust my heart and I’m in peace hearing my heartbeat and your frequencies. I read over and over your words and make long pauses in between, don’t know why, I guess the words penetrate my being.
    And my mirror it’s changing…I feel the harmony…._THANK YOU_

  6. <3 <3 <3 love vibration expanding … thank you Laura <3 <3 <3

  7. This really resonates with me. Thank you for pointing out what is really quite simple. I love the transmissions. My life has changed dramatically in ways that are not yet visible. One profound example would be: I have been extremely claustrophobic in my very recent past. My husband would hold me down trying to help me get past panic when I can’t move. I would freak out! Completely! Last week he held me down and I couldn’t move. I didn’t panic. I smiled and relaxed and snuggled into him. His jaw dropped. He hasn’t listened to the transmissions. He just received his first evident example of how they have helped and elevated me. As did I… Love you Laura

  8. You are a profound mirror Laura, and I love your teachings that bring me more and more awareness of the perfect truth of this message as I experience this continuously with your guidance and I love it!! These are awesome times and quite a roller coaster ride it is! Thank you!!!!!! xo!

  9. Love you Laura for your poetic, artistic & convincing ways to remind us for taking the responsibility of manifestations in our life without blaming anyone as everything is the mirror of our frequency! Kindly help me move into higher frequency!
    Thank you!

  10. Yes I have been experiencing the mirror also feel the union with everything and light of my soul. My great gratitude for you, dear Laura, again

  11. Thank you very much dear Laura by your light, I understand now it.

  12. Thank you Laura, what a wonderful post! It’s so true that time doesn’t move, but WE are moving through time and everything happens, when we approach it with our frequency. And endeed, We are Creators of our reality. Much LoVe to you <3

  13. Thank you Laura again for this mirror.The picture in it becomes each time clearer. 🙂

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