Ancient Mu, once again


On the Island of Mu, as Queen Priest and King,
we lived the anointing.

Through ritual and song, primal love and ecstasy,
the altar before us, we made.

Living as the divine, perfect union of flesh, our hearts played in joy, immersed in our love.

Oh the sacred priesthood, now coming full circle,
the Elohim’s blessing, as one.

Embracing again, our true mission and plan, in union and love,
here we are.

Blueprints and encodings, the unfolding of destiny, the great cycle, beyond life and death.

Before time we rejoiced, in time we arrived, the full circle of life,
here we are.

The memory of Mu, this space in the universe, once again,
the anointing begins.

My King, you are Holy, the sacred divine, walking the earth,
now we meet once again.

The earth it is ready, as the bridge, as always,
we follow the plan.

Living in Joy, embracing the all, the gracing of Love,
it is now.

Oh island of Mu, you rise once again, matriarchal love,
we hold and embrace.

The kiss of the feminine, awakening all hearts,
now unfolds, beyond time,
and in space.

Oh Island of Mu, you arrive once again, the cosmic cycle,
unfolding through grace.


In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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  1. The return of Mu, the return of the divine feminine. Beautiful feelings of love coming full circle with delightful play and the culmination of the bridge to the new earth. Awesome times! Awesome poetry! xo

  2. Great, marvelous, thank you very much dear Laura. Lack little to meet again and start over

  3. A few days ago I saw a beautiful sign in the sky, among Nubles white and blue, there was a small beautiful rainbow, and with a white bridge hanging above a little bit of cloud looked a beautiful shade of pink lit, looked and did not believe, become fascinated 🙂

  4. what a dreamy beautiful remembering. this paradise in another earth time, seems so far away, but very familiar.
    a wonderful description of female and male, of pure love, commitment and promises kept.

    perhaps we can make a new Mu?

    love you Queen xxxx

  5. Your poem paints such a beautiful picture of a sacred time on Mu–life with your beloved King then and now.

  6. Dreaming of Paradise, Heaven on Earth, as We are rebuilding a Rainbow Bridge, to a Mellow Transcendental Angelic Vibration of Sacred Holiness, and becoming One with the God Vibration of the Heart!! Ahh Men!!

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    This is so beautiful… The divine feminine of Mu – Le- mu – ria?! Amazing souls. Love you

  8. Thank you! Thank you! For bringing the divine feminine energy and blessing this planet, Queen of Mu! Love you! ❤

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