As Above, so Below..


Important NOTE for those of you that are sending me questions about “WHEN WILL THE OUTER World” SHIFT!!!!

You Have Forgotten YOU are a CREATOR and that what you see through your eyes AS OUT THERE…is simply the mirror of  your Frequency, Harmony or Disharmony.

There is no good or bad, simply pleasant and unpleasant, Harmony or Disharmony.

All that you see THAT you have created is FOR YOUR BENEFIT, for THE REMEMBRANCE of YOU as Creator.

You Went over this thoroughly before your incarnation.  Now is SIMPLY the time to remember.

You probably Know your frequency CREATES your reality….so NOW live it constantly, if you are truly desiring the changes you say you desire!!!

Meaning when you TRULY are in Harmony always…
or almost always….YOUR life THEN becomes Harmonious..

In Harmony, Everything works in FLOW…through Grace..

Now here is the challenging Part:

Usually ones current circumstances are a result of Living in DISHARMONY for lifetimes, including THIS one..


One needs to hold harmony even through the circumstances that were CREATED DURING the periods of DISHARMONY…

To change your life you change it fully within…by living in Harmony, allowing..flowing…accepting grace and trusting your SOUL.

THEN the outer Life circumstances shift…..

If you manifested changes so far (the mirror)

Then simply stay in Harmony….in your Heart..move out of the constant chatter of your mind, that says Life should be  this way, Life should be  that way, etc.

If you are still experiencing Disharmony over YOUR CURRENT circumstances……this will CREATE MORE disharmony…more outer circumstances that bring you greater disharmony…

As Above, So Below, as WITHIN SO WITHOUT….


YOU Truly create your Reality.

Trust your SOUL…..NOT the appearance of the outer….

RECOGNIZE and take responsibility for your Emotional and Mental States of Being…and KNOW YOU ARE CREATING your Reality..there is no out there…it is simply a reflection…of what you hold within YOU, the MIRROR!!

For those of you who keep forgetting this, PLEASE make notes to yourself, journal…
Keep reminding yourself, focus inward….CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! For you and for the WHOLE!

If YOU cannot get yourself out of disharmony…or you keep going back into it, Listen to my YouTube Transmissions, THEY WILL SHIFT YOU INTO HARMONY….(links at the bottom of this post)

BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU….Make notes…so you don’t fall BACK into the old Program, over and over again…it is not Necessary..

Remember, You are the Creator,

As Above, So Below, as WITHIN SO WITHOUT.

Holding you in the Greatness of YOU!!

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2013.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. …also I did remember the first time I read this…and then after knowing..I still did created disharmony (In a new way..or old way… a mental shelter in the pleasure of feeling pain..haha true heart desires: be free from suffering

  2. Accept, surrender and allow…reminds of meditation. Your words remind that in between acceptance or non-acceptance is the answer, harmony is there waiting.

    love you Queen xxxx

  3. Wow! This is how I keep shifting, by listening to the clarity of your messages Laura. Yes, it is easy to get off track and get distracted by outer circumstances. You always bring me back online with the clear focus of “change your inner chatter, and the outer world will change”! I have put this to the test every time you tell me this and it works!!!!! Telling the mind to shut up! Yes, all this is so clear and if we all just DO it, it works. Harmony is the key, always going in the wrong direction when you don’t feel good. Thanks, awesome blog! Love the energy of it!!

  4. Very revealing and finally understand how all this works and how is your note, the most important is the BE and be focused in our heart, my great gratitude dear Laura

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