Full Moon In Libra, March 27th, 2013

Full Moon in Libra, March 27th, 2013  6:28 am ADT


Oh Here we Have it!! The First Full Moon of Spring!

Marking the New Birth and Resurrection of YOU as a Soul…into Eternal Life Now while in Form.

The Sun in Aries is in Opposition to the Moon in Libra! Although Libra is all about Harmony, this Emotional Full Moon ( as full Moons are) may challenge your Ability to stay in the space of Harmony. This will impact many areas of your Life, including relationships.

Yet……are you focusing in On STAYING IN HARMONY.

Will You?

Take a Breath….Stay in your Heart…Feel and Breathe, do not resist what is..

What arises, will arise…Be Present and Focus on your Heart Space while FEELING  the Emotions that arise within You..Look deeply at what is there. If you are feeling it is another..recognize the Gift of the Mirror.

True Intimate Relationships receive the Unconditional Love that the Mirror reveals. That means with NO CONDITIONS.

No Judgements.

No Specific WAYS the Relationship Needs to Be!

No Expectations. Simply, Being, Loving the Soul…as You be the Mirror in True Intimacy.

There is an intense connection to Uranus In Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn as well as Venus, the Sun, Mars and Uranus travelling through Fiery Aries…

Intense, oh YES!!

The Moon in Libra opposing the Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries..and Mars in Aries “Square” Pluto in Capricorn may bring some  surprising and shocking hidden things forward.

Simply Allow and Be Open During this intense Transformational time. 

Do not resist Your emotions if issues come up.  Stay present and release them…Allow, breathe and stay present with what is..Allowing the Universal Light of Your Soul…to Flow through what presents itself..as it is. As it Presents itself.

I will Hold all of You in Divine Harmony in the Light of Your Soul during this Full Moon. If you Desire extra Help please Let me Know.

I will include again  some crystal information..Although many of you have read it already…each New Moon and Full Moon that I create a post there are many new people who are benefitting from the information so will add it again to this post.

Crystals, Nature and Moon Cycles. 

Your Crystals Respond to Frequency Also! Let them Listen to My Frequency Transmissions and be Near You During the Daily 3am ADT Queen of Light Transmissions.

Do you prepare for the New Moons and Full Moons?  The New Moon is the beginning of  a  New Cycle in Energy and Frequency and This Frequency Builds up to and including The Full Moon. 

Each New Moon and Full Moon holds a unique Frequency, when tapped into consciously, these cycles will be of great benefit for you and your life and to those around you.

This Full Moon (and the next New Moon) if you are a Lover of Nature and Crystals, Take them out and wash them lovingly. If you have personal meditation crystals make notes on How and When  you programmed and reprogrammed them!

Too many crystals programmed in a personal way without deep connection to them and without conscious remembering will lead to non clear results.

Working with crystals forever, and remembering all the crystals I programmed in Atlantis for here now, has been very beneficial for NOW as the crystals hold their frequency and Love throughout all time and space.

Sometimes the “Beings” in Crystals are obvious.  Angels and Fairies in Devic Crystals also enhance your Deeper Connection to Nature and Moon Cycles. I have many of Beings in my crystals, including Pyramids, Merkabahs and Ancient Symbols.

If you cannot see clearly the Being in your Crystals, Know they are there. Each Crystal has its own Spirit or Deva.


I have helped many who did not feel anything from their crystals BEGIN to connect with The Crystals Deva, or Spirit.

The New Moon and Full Moon are good times to clean and prepare your crystals.

This is a Great way to Honour the Moon Cycles and the Natural Rhythms in Nature.

The Full Moon may also be a great time To Look Back and if need be, Reprogram some of the crystals that you may have forgotten about or to simply Infuse the crystals with powerful Full Moon Frequencies.  Cleanse and restore them and clearly pick the most special crystal to you and program it, spend time with it and get to know it on a personal level.

This Full Moon in Libra is intense.  Stay present with your Emotions…allow and Stay in Harmony. The Full Moon always has a Powerful Influence on your Emotional Body.

Not all crystals love the sun, some love the moon more.  All Quartz crystal Love the sun and the moon.

Wash some crystals, and sit with them One at a time as close as possible to the exact time of the New Moon, or Full Moon and sit quietly holding your crystal.

Listen to the Sound of your crystal, hold it up to your ear.

Breathe in and out and center yourself.

Focus on your Heart.

Focus on the want and wish you have that is in alignment with the current New Moon or Full Moon. This Full moon in Libra is Powerful. Stay Present for surprises and the sudden awareness that may  Reveal New things to You. Stay Present with your Emotions and Allow.

Focusing clearly ~ Breathe Your desire into your crystal several times through your Breath. Breathe on our crystal. Do not rush this part. Then holding the Point if there is one into the palm of your non dominant hand ( the hand you do not write with) and  turn the point of the crystal in slow clockwise circles (slowly) till you feel the crystal tighten. When it tightens stop.

Then hold your crystal up to your ear and you will hear a higher pitched tone once programmed. If you do NOT, simply repeat above and Turn the Point slowly once again.

To deprogram  a crystal Focus on releasing the Program and Begin the  procedure above  EXCEPT turn the crystal counter-clockwise.  Allow your crystal a break before programming.    Listen to the New Sound of the Crystal.

Then stay close to your crystal or crystals. Love them.  Make notes and INCLUDE  the date of the Programming or Reprogramming.

Know that crystals are Loving Beings. They really are alive. They have a Sacred Deva or spirit. If they seem dormant it is only because perhaps they were in boxes in the dark for a while. Show them love and care. As you Love them, they open up in Love and respond.

Prepare for Each Full Moon and New Moon.

Acknowledge the Moon and the Frequency it holds for you as the Sacred Rhythm of Nature itself.

Surround your Home in Higher frequencies. Play my Frequency Transmissions overnight and throughout the day.  Your space will hold the Higher Frequencies of Love and Union.

Above All, Love yourself.  Stay In Harmony.

I hold you in The Sacredness of You. Embrace all as your Creations. As the Very Power of Creation Itself. You to You.

Holding You in the Light of Your Soul this Powerful Full Moon in Libra, March 27th, 2013!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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