The Power of Creation

The Power of Creation.


The Power of Creation is YOU. Yes You. 

Whether you are aware of it or not you are Creating your Existence in every moment.

What is Your Dominant Frequency?

The Power of Creation exists as The Force of Creative Power which is neither Good nor Bad it simply is..and contains all experiences within itself.

You are this Power of Creation at the core of your Being. You as Light. As the Flow of Creation itself. Creation is not static…it Flows.

Since you are looking for the Key to create the Reality you Desire, I say look no further, than right here, right NOW.

Look at you! Not outwardly, not even inwardly. Look at What you are, and Your Current Frequency.

You are a vibratory field THAT IS  consciousness itself. Which holds in the container you call Form; all Potential realities.

Are you holding and carrying your Unique take on existence, as YOU ARE?

When I say current Dominant Frequency I am not talking about the ups and downs of life.

Look at your Dominant Frequency. If You are Coherent then your existence is Coherent and flows WITH YOUR NATURAL DESIRES. Flows as Creation itself.

In a non-coherent state you are moving out of Flow.

The Realization and the Self-Actualization of  You as the Flow of Creation is the VERY Recognition itself of “What You Are”…

WHEN you know “what you are” and that you alone are the only contributing factor to YOUR it is…you can step forward and not be lost in the crowd and Begin to own your Reality for what it truly is.

Your Reality is the conscious or unconscious creation of your Frequency.

So here you ARE. You are this Frequency state of consciousness Now. Observe how this feels. You as Creator.

If you feel less than in any area of your life.  Self Esteem..Finances..Lack of abundance will show in all areas of your Existence. That is because all is frequency. When One area increases as THE alignment and Flow of Your Soul, all areas of  your reality will increase in Abundance as well.

When you experience areas of Your existence that are not in Alignment with you as YOUR Soul…those areas will be painful..till Alignment take place. Alignment takes place when you Know “what you are”.. you are free-flowing Consciousness choosing in each moment your responses and reactions to what is.

Your Responses and Reactions create your Dominant Frequency and your Reality. That is the Power of Creation. That is YOU in every Moment.

How you see yourself is the Basis of your Fulfillment in this Incarnation. Do you see yourself as lacking? in Love, money and self-esteem?

Or can you Now see yourself as you truly ARE? What you are?  You “Are the Choice” of How you see Yourself. Will you take self-responsibility for Your Existence Now? Only you can choose to experience yourself as Love, as Abundance, as Confident..

No thing outside you can tell you or give to you what you are “waiting to Experience as YOU” you know!!

Since all if Frequency, and since your current Frequency is or is not the revealing of Your Highest Destiny of all you can be..Grace is offered in your Alignment.

There are Dispensations for Your Perfect Alignment of How you have Designed your Highest Destiny  in the Creation you Now call this incarnation. On The Central Sun, the Blueprints for All Existences exist which hold the encoding for the awakening of you.

The Unveiling of You is your Highest Destiny Now. This allows your “Reality” as the great creative Play that it truly is, in the unfolding of you as the Embodiment as  Creator. This is the Power of Creation itself, experiencing itself as the Creator.

If you are out of alignment this is no excuse to relish in fear and abandonment of all hope. Of course doing so allows you the freedom to choose greater fear and abandonment. This is a free will Universe and the choice is Yours. If you are reading this, most likely you are Desiring your Greatest Destiny. You Embracing you.

Allow this moment the opportunity to EMBRACE yourself in a very NEW and vital way. You taking responsibility for ALL creations in your existence NOW.

As you Embrace yourself as the Power of Creation;  You etch out for Yourself the Existence You Truly Desire.

Shall I see myself as Only embracing Joy Now?   Will I no longer look to others for approval and SEE MYSELF as approved and Loved.

And What will this do?

It will literally shape-shift YOU into the Existence you TAKE FULL responsibility to CREATE.

Yes, YOU as the Power of Creation existing as ITSELF in all its free form ways You desire Yourself to Be!

I hold you in The Sacredness of You. Embrace all as your Creations. As the Very Power of Creation Itself. You to You.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. ” You “Are the Choice” of How you see Yourself. Will you take self-responsibility for Your Existence Now? Only you can choose to experience yourself as Love, as Abundance, as Confident “…………I read this every time and I feel warmth in all my body, every time…tears of joy once..I like to feel this…is new

  2. Deva Singh i am creating as i go, I AM, I AM what i am knowing….what i want…. what i want to create. Yes, beautiful post. I was feeling that this morning as i hunted for treasure. Knowing i am the treasure and that i can find what i want because i create that experience.
    The blog really helped confirm, and validate my response to being a human, New Human of Light. Thanks to you Queen for the guidance. xxxxx love you Queen of Light

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