What is Love, Is it a Frequency?

What is Love? Unconditional Love is True Love. It is rare on Planet Earth. You are Currently Shifting in Consciousness to the Frequencies of the 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension is the Frequency of Eternity, True Love, Harmony and Union. In Eternity there is No time, as there is on Planet Earth.

Have you experienced True Love? If you have you know it is Eternal, and you Know this in Eternity. This is the Frequency of True Love; Eternity.

 Is the Love  Given truly Unconditional Love?

In Perfect Love there is No judgement. There is Presence of the Eternal. There is seeing the Other as the Soul. Through the eyes of Eternity.

As a walk-in I have had the ability to witness How people do not see. They see the body, they see their very own desires, their very own fears. They then  project this on the One they Love, including Children.   ONLY if…the conditions are met, I will Love. That is Love in Duality.

If My child behaves, if they lead a good life. If My partner doesn’t do this, or does do this. Waiting for the Proof of the fears they hold and the lack of Love within themselves to Be Revealed in the Other.  Love becomes duality,  Love ONLY if…Separation waiting to View more Separation.

You may live like this now; yet Desire freedom. You May sense something is missing and may Desire True Love and to Shift to 5th dimensional Frequencies of Consciousness. Even if you do not know WHAT that means.

Realize what you have experienced in all of Your  meaningless relationships, the Ones that did not feel Like True Love, that Never were the Right ones; That your Frequency Drew to YOU the SAME as You were vibrating to.   They come and go like the wind.

Why? Because they were created in Duality. In Earth Time Frequency, 3D.

YOUR Frequency Draws to YOU the same.  When you Vibrate in Union you draw Eternity to You Now.

Every Sunrise Start again in No Time. Pretend if you cannot comprehend “There is no Time”.

Let every breath be a New Beginning. The Past does not matter. Begin to Truly Love Today.

The Sun

Be, Radiate True Eternal Unconditional Love.

True Love is Freedom Given. True Love has released you of the Bonds of Time and has Released the Other. You Exist then Only in Conscious Eternity Now. In Union.

Love only  in Eternity. Whether the relationship is short, whether you are in the middle of ending one, or You Have met Your Twin Flame or Desire to..Love only in Eternity. Start Now.

With No attachments, Fears;  You Enter Love.

Love simply Is the Presence of Love. All that is Loving comes to You, It must come to YOU as you Radiate and Vibrate to its Eternal Frequency. It is always Present Always available Now.

Breathe into Your Heart Space Now. Enter your Body. Breathe and simply Feel.

LIstening to My meditations will shift the Frequency in your Cellular Consciousness, your DNA.

From requests presented to me recently I will be offering a 12 strand DNA Activation.  Also as requested I will be offering a  Twin Flame Activation.  I have done this already;  and see at the Soul level.  One of the Twins can do this for both, the Activation will merge the Frequencies  of the Twin Souls Together in Union.

To Listen to my meditations, to order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions and Healing Sessions, Please visit my website:

This week I will be adding the DNA Activations and Twin Soul Activations, for those on my newsletter lists you will receive an email when the services are ready.


Divine Love, Union, Harmony and Bliss in Eternity,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. If we could just be awake enough to see our pet animals and our little children around us demonstrate ‘unconditional love’…right from the beginning they always did, right from source…those veils, hard to see through at the time…I did learn a lot from my kids, some of my instinct was awake at times…thanks for the amazing post Laura…divine truth to the core

  2. Ain’t love grand.

  3. Beautiful John! Thank you and Love to You! ❤

  4. Amazing and so mentally expansive Same is here just as there is no end to eternity. Even someone that thinks they are totally balanced has to go back to the plate and rethink what you just explained. I intend to print this and keep in a place where I will always see it as a reminder of such thought proviking insight ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Deva thank you for sharing!
    That is it completely, Yes. You see clearly what appears hidden to most.

    It is the DNA, it is the Frequency!

  6. Mind blowing, but you’ve described humanity in general in relation to love and how we relate to ‘loved ones’, very accurate i believe. As a race, we do like to birth ‘little me’s’ and we tend to raise them according to our own programming, rewarding and punishing accordingly. Mostly involving the first 3 chakras, fear, sexuality, control/power.

    so our ‘feeling’ of love, in general, is limited. it can then be no more expansive than the fears and beliefs we carry, as the heart center is not fully open to experiencing the native state of universal love.

    The few strands of DNA that are functional, i feel, relate to the lower chakras not coincidentally. I may be reaching here, but that fits my view of how we humans function, and why we seem to limit ourselves and construct our lives around base emotions of fear, and very limited type of love.

    just sayin’

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