Knowing Union; Resonating Highest Destiny

Becoming Union is Knowing Union. Vibrating in the Frequency of Union.

You cannot Know something unless you Experience it. The body immersed in the Frequency of Divine Union, Harmony and Love will begin to resonate with the Knowing of Pure Being and Union you Desire.

Heart awareness; moving out of the thinking process and allowing through EASE your transformation is Grace in Flow.

In your Blueprint is Your Life Plan. You may have agreed to experience lessons along the way in this incarnation.

Because of the Frequency Shift and because the shift is to Love and Union, Now you can clear Cellular Consciousness and begin to Resonate and Merge through Grace and Eternal Union, NOW. No need to Try or Attempt, Allow Now.

You may draw to You the Love of Your Twin Flame Now, even if your Twin is not on earth in a Body.

How do you do this?

First Begin with You. Are you in Harmony? Do you feel the Love for YOU within your Heart?

All is Frequency, Frequency does not lie. Your Life circumstances show your main Frequency.

Is it really this simple? In 2012 Now, yes it is. Your Frequency draws to you YOUR Highest Plan, or it Repels it.

You cannot partly vibrate at a certain frequency and expect to see everything change before you.

You Can Change your main Frequency ; Change your consciousness, Your World, the World and Your existence on Planet Earth. And Begin to draw to YOU, the Highest Destiny that is written in Your Divine Blueprint, Your Life Plan.

In Union you are already merged with All, with your Twin. Allowing your body, cells and DNA to resonate with the Frequency of Union, you Shift. You begin to KNOW, and Experience Union. Drawing all things to YOU that were originally planned as your Highest Destiny in your Orignal Blueprint.

Today, Now be in Harmony. Do what you need to do for Yourself to experience Greater Harmony. Love yourself and be Kind to yourself above all else.

This is about YOU, Resonating in Harmony with Your Divine Plan, living in Your Freedom and Drawing to You the Highest Destiny as planned out before this incarnation.

Listen to my Meditations! They will bathe your Cells and DNA in the Frequency of Union, Harmony, Divine Love and Freedom.

Freedom from the old ways, the old programs that no longer serve you and Your Shift Now.

This is Grace. Grace pouring out to All who will receive the Shift with Ease and Flow.

The Queen of Light Pours out Grace in Divine Love of Harmony and Union to All in the Universe. You are Held and Loved in Eternity.

To listen to my meditations, or to order your Pleiadian Activation, Light Transmissions or Healing Sessions, please visit my website:

In Divine Grace, Love, Harmony and Union in the Oneness,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light


Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. These sacred words resonate deeply with me! Thank you so much for this powerful Light Transmission!

    I Love You! 🙏🏻💜

  2. Deva,

    Yes the perceived state is merging.

    The State of Being is merged Now.

    The perception is catching up to What is.
    How could it be otherwise?

    Embodiment in Form. Perception included.
    Enlightenment to you!

  3. Yes through the Heart! Yes perfect John!
    Love and Bliss to You!

  4. As I read this I realized I was a bit dislocated..I was able to reconnect correctly. An overwhelming very noticeable change in frequency just occured. I need to work on becoming more of this and channel the higher energy’s in and out through the Heart..
    Much Love and gratitude !

  5. feeling like ‘moving out of the thinking process’ and allowing what is, both of these are huge in my being Union.
    Slowly? the perceived state is merging with that of my Blueprint

    It really doesn’t need any help from me other than absorbing more frequency and allowing, maybe some observing and loving thrown in, lol

    motivating this is Laura



Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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