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Changing Consciousness and the Converging of Realities


The “Blueprint” for Humanity is literally shifting into a New Level of Consciousness. This is part of the Plan of creation, since before time. The Elohim (The Creator Gods) are awakening the  Codes into the Morphogenic Field.   How “You” specifically WILL be Impacted/Activated, is already in place within your Souls Blueprint/Plan.

What appeared and appears as the Way one functions on Planet Earth, is changing. And you know this.

And as always, this will BE unique to Your Consciousness and your Specific Plan.

The awareness that you bring to your current “consciousness” is simply your experience as you pass through time.

Time is literally still.

The Breakthroughs in your own awareness, will match the New Downloads in the Quantum Field, the New Blueprint.

Testing out this new reality, will continue to increase what appears to be the speed of your passing through of time.  As the future will also appear to be moving towards you at an increased speed.

The converging of Realities that also now, Co-Exist.

How did you expect to meet up with the you in the Shift?

It simply is the Now you, meeting the so-called future you as per the Plan, the Shift, and it all coming together, as One.

Entering this Shift in your consciousness, will be much like riding a bike for the first time. Until you get it, it will appear to not work well. Once you get it, it will be easy and take no effort.

So many ask me “will we all Shift”  now the answer will be specific to the Reality you have chosen. You are  creating this.  Have you chosen to leave behind traces of your old way of living? Or have you chosen, to go all the way, and choose the focus of your consciousness to be in an  entirely new scenario.

Now if you feel you will be leaving someone behind, who is to say, in another reality, they are not with you there. If they have chosen that, they will be.

And why not? There are many co-existing parallel realities even now.

Just because you have not fully accessed the New Consciousness in your Current form of consciousness, does not mean you are not already accessing it in the so-called future.

How else could your future self come to you?

In order for the Plan to go smoothly, it will go smoothly. Does that make sense?

Every one, will choose the reality they desire, and yes even children, remember they are SOULS too, and have a Plan also. As do you beloved pets, who almost always, go where you choose to go in all realities.

So, as you embrace the blessings of 2014, and open to the New World of Possibilities, that are here Now, know that as you let  go of this current reality, the jumping of so-called time, is really not that at all.

It truly is You meeting You, in the CONVERGING of Realities, as per the Plan, (your plan) into One.

I am here for YOU! As per my agreement, in the Cosmic Cycle. Holding you in your Transformation!

Please Stay focused on all that you TRULY Desire. And Above all else, Know yourself, know your heart and know what you truly Desire. This is an exciting time, The Cosmic cycle meets itself, full circle.

I love you! Many blessings sent to you from Mu, the Pleiades, and of course, Planet Earth.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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