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Notes on Loving Your Body


Some notes on Loving your Body!!!

The Awe of creation can live within your awareness now. Which includes the miracle of your Body ~ Your Physical form.

Instead of focusing on the externals and appearances, such as aging and weight, look at the awe of the CREATION.

In a class I once taught, I was very surprised at people’s responses to who they would feel my twin would be and what he would look like. They would say well he is good looking…and went on about the external appearance of men. Including personal details.

To truly love yourself and your body GO beyond the EXTERNAL appearances.

How you are and look and feel, shows on the inside and reflects outwardly in your energy field. This creates everything in your life that you experience.

I mentioned to my class, it is the heart and Soul I see. The form can change. It would not matter if he was 90 years old, and not able to walk, it is the HEART and our Soul connection that matters.

And of course when someone hears this, they react oh yes, Meanwhile holding on to the external appearance in all things.

Your surroundings, your life, your job, your money, your partner, or no partner begin within you. They are the RESULT of how you feel about yourself.

Look to your Heart. Recognize the VALUE of your body. When you were born, you did not have a job, a partner, and you could not feed yourself, and wet yourself, etc. Yet you were perfect, and even cried a lot.

Now you are just as much a miracle, ONLY you are not seeing it!! You are looking out ONLY on how you think you should look. And judging what you like and do not like, in OTHERS, and FIRST inside yourself.

Love does not judge. If you are judging how you look, how other appearances LOOK, you are not experiencing Love.

Judgement is RESISTANCE to what is, is control outer APPEARANCES. It is fear based and is the opposite of Love.

To love yourself, you will need to let go of your attachments and judgements to outer appearances.

When you do so, the Love within will see WHAT truly matters eternally. The Heart, the Soul, Eternity Lasts forever.

Please look within and TRULY begin to Love. Letting go of judging Outer Appearances, within yourself is the Place to Start to love your body.

I love you Eternally!!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light


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