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All Beings on Planet Earth ~ Change Now


The Elohim Creation Plan, will soon be in the Completion Stage of the Cosmic Cycle. The Elohim are the Creator Gods. They created Form and the Plan, which includes DNA, Blueprints, and the unfolding of time. In this completion, and New Birth a Signal that only your Heart will hear, will be goΒ out. And I, the Mother of the Universe will birth once again the New Creation. I am the Cosmic Mother, Elohim Victoria~ Victory.

This is the time to experience and know yourself, fully. Self Awareness, contained within, not projecting itself, or dependent on appearances, is where TRUE power lives.
All true self-awareness, is from the HEART.Β This is how you TRULY EXPERIENCE yourself.

Please prepare and Be ready. Let go of old patterns that MOVE you out of Harmony and your Heart that keep you in a state of Β Disharmony, which KEEPS your from HEARING your Heart.

Old Patterns, Old ways of Living, Old Beliefs that no longer serve you, remove them.

To Become NEW look at YOUR life differently, through new eyes.

The eyes of the Heart, see only truth, which is eternal. Beauty and Joy, Ecstasy and Love, are of the Heart.

The eyes of temporary comfort through living in old patterns and ways that appear safe, See only what is front of you, linear, that which passes.

Now is the time, to let go of the old, EVEN if it does not seem comfortable.

Let go, let go, and KNOW the freedom, in PURE Being.

Love will catch you and hold you when you feel you may fall.

The Unknowable, is the space, NOT held in the Linear.

Enter there, through your Heart, and choose to be free.

Now is the time to complete your agreements on Planet Earth, before the signal goes out, that ONLY your Heart will hear.

ONLY your HEART will hear me.
Let go of all else…let go, let go…

ASK yourself this QUESTION:

How much of what you are experiencing is the RESULT of Adjusting to Frequency, and HOW much is simply falling into old REACTIVE patterns?

IF adjusting to changes is what you are mainly doing, you will WITNESS the old PATTERNS that do comeΒ UP and (still feel them) but you will Not ACT on them through (emotional) reactions.

If you are continuing to Fall into the REACTIVE old patterns, you will find Yourself moving OUT Of harmony and into disharmony. It will feel like you have no control, because you acted on the impulse of an old pattern (to be healed) as a reaction.

Your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, ARE now (if you are in the state of ALLOWING and SURRENDER and not reacting) merging in Harmony as a WHOLE, within your life.

This STATE of HARMONY allows you TO HEAR You HEART.
Hearing YOUR heart is the space to be in, to HEAR the Signal when it is given.

If you constantly exist in a state of Disharmony, You will not hear your Heart clearly.

Look at all areas of your life, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual, and MOVE MORE into harmony and UNION. Align yourself, in Harmony. All areas of Your LIFE all as ONE.

Make adjustments,, CHANGE what you need to change!

It doesn’t Matter how much you “think” you understand, the shift.
And say to yourself or others, I understand, I am letting go and surrendering. (truth is WHAT IS, not what you think is)

Your thoughts, words, emotions, actions ALL make up one WHOLE frequency, in your vibration.

Harmony or Disharmony.

You are either KNOWING and in your HEART or you are NOT.

Do not be FOOLED by “thinking” you have it all figured out.

THINKING (on its own) that you do, is NOT The WAY.

Look at all areas of your Life!

Your Emotions, your Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies.

HEART AWARENESS, allows all areas to merge in Harmony (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

HOW are you experiencing YOURSELF within YOURSELF??

What is your experience of YOU?

Truly what is your experience of YOU?

It is your CONSTANT experience, that holds the TRUE KNOWING.

How you live within yourself, as yourself, in all MOMENTS.

There are no ups and downs in Pure Knowing and Being, within your Heart!

The constant stream of YOU to YOU, within your Heart, is the place to EXIST from!

Still living in OLD patterns? release them, as NOW is the TIME.

The time is SOON Arriving!!
Be Ready!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light


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