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Quantum Dissolving of the Subconscious Programming of 3D


So much energy and space is needed to maintain 3D consciousness. The Old Program, so to speak, is not Energy-Efficient. Your True Power, and Soul awareness, may seem to be hidden underneath all the energy it takes for you to maintain your old patterns, your old ways, of consciousness.

The old outdated and programmed consciousness of 3D, is running this program through your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  This uses up a lot of space, and when dissolved, into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the access of your Expanded Conscious Self, Being, then accesses the More Energy Efficient Way of Being. 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Genius of You, that you have always been, makes itself Known, as the Eternal Light Source of You. It is effortless to run the 5D Program of Consciousness, and what took years to carry out in 3D, can now take place instantly, in 5D.

So why then, you might ask, are you using all that space still to maintain patterns of consciousness that no longer serve you. Especially now that the energy-efficient 5D is ready NOW for you to Download Fully, replacing your old programming. 

The switch over and dissolving of the old patterns that are held in your subconscious mind, appear to not be easily accessed, YET, this program runs the show. All those things you do, that you no longer want to do, all the old ways that show up, when you thought you cleared all that, simply are traces of the old patterning, held in your Subconscious Mind. That is, the old program (3D) running in the background.

The good news is, They ARE DISSOLVING.

This is a transmission, that  communicates and energetically, releases the old pattern of 3D in your subconscious Mind, letting it KNOW, that the old Program, the repetitive reactive patterns, that Once held you in its grip, and filled you with anxiety, sadness and depression, is Now Being Dissolved, in a HUGE QUANTUM WAY.

This is a quantum leap of dissolving. The old programming is dissolving and is Being replaced, with THE energy-efficient way of Being, 5D, consciousness.

This is the most natural way of Being, you are always like this, you just have not accessed it due to the old Programming taking up so much space, and taking up so much of your energy.

This dissolving, fills your cellular consciousness and DNA ( and the water surrounding your DNA) with energy-efficient Light ( that is the eternal Divine You) and with greater communicative capacity, that gives you access, to All That you Are. To Functioning, smoothly, easily, with Grace.

Your DNA becomes filled with the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCY of your Soul.

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Your Subconscious is Now Downloading, this Light, as the configuration of YOU, at the core of your Being, that is the Ascended YOU. More of YOU. You accessing your Genius, your Lineage, as the Divine Being and Angel that you Are. This is YOU, being Free from the Old Programming.

The Subconscious Mind Now, understand this clearly.

Here is why. This Divine You, the Ascended You, has always existed.

You played out 3D and Now it is time for Your Quantum Leap, the Quantum Leap, of the dissolving of ALL OLD PATTERNING.

This takes place effortlessly.

What applied in 3D, does not apply here.

What was valid in 3D, is not valid here.

This is the WAY your Subconscious receives this Download of LIGHT.

The Light is YOU, the Light of Your Eternal Source Light ~ Being.

This YOU now in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, remembers and knows, how to function like this, YOU have done this Before!

The Light Frequency that is NOW increased in vibration, is in  ALL of YOUR Being.

Feel this, take a few moments, Breathe, Receive  and feel.

Breathe, receive and Feel.

Sense this Light within your Cells.

Feel this Download taking place, there is no right or wrong way to feel this. Your experience will be unique, to You.

You may have tears, you may have joy, you may feel a little confused, as your subconscious mind receives this ACTIVATION, through your Blueprint.

This is The Higher Frequency Light of your Greater Self, Soul, YOU.

You may feel this for a few days.

Take care of your Body, it is your Temple.

Be gentle with your self as this Quantum Activation dissolves old patterns, and downloads the Higher Frequency of Light, that of your Soul, transforming your BLUEPRINT, your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind, and your entire energy level capacity. 

This Higher Frequency is more efficient.

You get things done with greater ease.

You Live feeling Love in all Moments.

You no longer will feel anxiety, pain, sadness and depression.

You now feel Joy, replacing, old reactive ways.

Things you no longer want to do, dissolve.

Life is so much more Fun in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

What you tried to Get ~ Manifest, Now just takes Place. On its own, no TRYING, any more. Simply Receive.

That is it, simply Receive.

And So it is, Now Downloaded, Old Patters of 3D Dissolved.

Breathe, Feel, Slow down, take a few Hours, to absorb this, re read.

Breathe and Feel.

Feel the Love.

Feel the Quantum Transformation.

Feel the Light in your Cells.

Feel your Freedom.

I love YOU Angels of the Great Light, I Am With You. And So it, Eternally, Is, and always, Has Been.  


Sacred Love and Eternal Bliss!



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Your Reality and Parallel Worlds


The so-called perceived discrepancy or gap between your reality and what you desire as your reality, is the appearance of Time. All things exist Now. This includes you in the world of your Greatest Dreams. The You fully Ascended. The You, that you Dream yourself to Be. This is why you can Dream it. It EXISTS Now.

The Magical Earth, the Heaven on Earth. All Now.

The Life you live in now, is the result of your previous state of consciousness.

The YOU in your wildest Dreams(you) is the consciousness of YOU embodying that expanded aspect of Your consciousness. Your experience is catching UP to your DREAMS.

Your consciousness from a so-called future time line or parallel world, is ALSO here Now. If you tapped into that and focused UPON Being THAT aspect of your consciousness, and attuned your awareness to that, you would Land in that world, as your reality.

The reason for this is, this is all consciousness.

When I travel to Parallel worlds and come back to this One, it always changes things here. The More I impact there, the more I impact here. Very similar to relationships, things change when you interact with people (different vibrations) it impacts your energy.

Everything is Energy. Everything is Frequency, Everything is alive, Everything is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Your table, your place, your clothes, are ALL part of that consciousness.

You transform your reality as you observe it ~ Through Your CONSCIOUSNESS.

As your consciousness expands, your reality becomes much more expanded, and far greater than you could have previously imagined.

When YOU observe things, through being present in the eternal Now Moment, you are living through the access Point of the Eternal You ( A Frequency of Consciousness) that taps into, all of YOU everywhere. All of Your existence, Parallel Worlds, and the You that began as a Unique frequency when you began as your Soul, through you Star Matrix.

This tapping into the ALL of YOU, allows all those aspects of YOU, to be called upon, integrated, into your consciousness, and this embodiment in form.

When you are dreaming the dream, and wondering why it isn’t here, it is because it is existing already, you feel it, you know it. you are transforming into that frequency of consciousness on this Earth Plane, Holographic Experience. You may be living it in a parallel world, and prefer that reality, so you are adjusting your consciousness, to MATCH that.

At the Soul level this is all being done THROUGH You. The Eternal You, is adjusting and guiding circumstances, to show up, to help transform your consciousness, to guide you to the PRESENT Moment, to ALL that you desire ( Your Soul at the Higher Levels) and came here to be and experience.

The More you are Present in the Moment, the more you are aware of this taking place, being aware how your consciousness is changing and seeing direct impact on your outer world, as a result of this transformation. Your Presence, is the awareness that this is taking PLACE through. The more you are aware, the more you are aware, the more you witness the changes, the greater the changes.

The More you tap into parallel worlds, and see clearly how your consciousness is all connected, the GREATER your ability to USE your WILL and focus, to expand even more so, your consciousness.

At the Highest levels, this is all just PLAY.

You experience, your expand, you are present, you live through your Presence. You transform all that you observe, and this impact is the Conscious frequency of your Present Moment PRESENCE. This is Mastery. This is Ascension. This is PLAYING FULL ON, in the Holographic, Earth time, meeting place of Virtual Consciousness.

Through Your HEART, is the accessing point of awareness in the Present Moment. Call is Zero Point, call it what you desire. It is the FULL YOU. The All of You. It is the Portal to the ALL of YOU, everywhere. Which opens your awareness to your expanded consciousness. parallel worlds, all time and space. There are NO limitations. Enter deeply the Now Moment, your Heart. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now. In Love I hold you, Eternally.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

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Divine Liberation ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


This is a download, and an activation, of the depths of consciousness, knowing itself, as the Divine Liberator. The Divine Pure State of Being. The Divine, Love, that dissolves, ALL INTO ITSELF. Read, Breathe, Relax and Receive.

The Interactive web of reactions, played through the subconscious mind, as a “reality” based on perceptions being one way, that is, as the attachment to what arises, is the blind spot, containing within itself, victim consciousness. This victim consciousness, is the playing out of all relationships, in 3D. This perceived relating, is only the repetitive, non loved, non aware parts, stealing the show, so to speak, in a reality, playing, as if, what arises, is what they are.

When one attains, the awareness, of the consciousness of Being Present, and is this Presence, one upholds, the acknowledgment, that all experience, is the self-aware, responsibility, to uphold, the Divine Observer, in all moments, with all that arises.

This then, becomes the level of capable self-aware responsibility, which is the foundation in 5th Dimensional Consciousness, in all relationships.

When this projections ends, as the previous functioning of its blind spots of attachments, then all relating, is taking place, through the Divine Observer, and in the Pure State of Being.

As One becomes the conscious witness in this Divine Observing, the transformation, then, is held within, all moments, as the alchemical process, of the Divine Love, observing.  This is the awakened, Pure Original Consciousness. That is Divine. That is Pure, that exists in the Present Moment.

This Divine Self consciously observing, all that arises in consciousness, is the Powerful Unconditional Love, that transforms, all it observes, as just Being that, not yet observed, freeing all that arises, from its attached state.

The Divine Observer, then, frees the energetically held blind spots, that were the reactive states, void of being consciously observed (in the subconscious) that took up lots of energy, in the vehicle, of the consciousness. This freeing of energy, allows space for greater expansion, into Being More of the Divine Presence, in all of its cellular consciousness, held in the container, the vehicle (the form) where the consciousness may live, as its Full Embodiment.

This freedom and liberation of the endless blind battles, was only the preservation, of that state, which is the state, of not yet being Loved and Held in the Divine Presence.

This is a Maturing of Consciousness.

This is a Download and Activation.

This is the foundation for all relationships in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

The Divine Love and Presence, then, of the Divine Self, recognizes its awareness and Being, as the One arrived, consciously freeing, all that is Not Its Presence.

This Dissolving of the reactive, blind, subconscious state of victim consciousness, is the dissolving into the Being, the Unconditional Divine Self, that presides, as this Love, in All Moments.

This is the 5th Dimensional Self Love, that takes consciousness out of the maze of attempting to figure consciousness out, and applies, as itself, the Transformational Alchemy, that is the Balm of a Love, that dissolves, ALL INTO IT.

This Dissolving, is the Living Master of Divine Self, Consciousness. That is the Presence, of the Heaven on Earth. As it is the Freedom, the Liberation, to exist, as Itself, in the Original Paradise, of Love.

This is the Wholeness. This is the Pureness. This is the Original State of Being, the Divine Self, as the Love, That it is. Free from anything, that is Not That. The Dissolving of Consciousness, into the Original Love, State. The Divine Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon in Virgo, February 22, 2016


This Full Moon is in Virgo, on February 22, 2016 at 2:19 pm AST. Sun opposite Moon, the deep transformational powers through your Subconscious mind, bringing up, all that desires to be balanced within you. This is a culmination. And an awakening, into more of the Union of You. Into Earth. Into your Consciousness. The Divine within you, manifested on Earth, consciously.

Full Moons may be challenging emotionally. Until we have surrendered. What does arise, and loving THAT, brings to Light, all that desires to be Loved, within you. This may be an empowering experience. Or may not feel empowering, if you experience yourself, as the emotion, as the fear. Rather than, observing and allowing all to flow through you. Either way, this is for you, nothing is against you.

Virgo although it is an Earth Sign, is ruled by Mercury, the God Hermes. It is about bringing the Divine, down into the body. The body, being the temple, the avenue, that Source resides, in. Embodiment, here and Now.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the vision, before manifesting on Earth. The letting go of the Vision, the way, the how, the knowing, and into Being here and allowing all to flow through you, is HOW the Divine Manifests itself, consciously, with no resistance, therefore no pain, through you.

The balancing, of this Full Moon, is between the surrender of the Vision, the how, the knowing,  and the body, perfection, the mind, the details, here and now, on Earth, through You.

This may manifest as the tension, between the balance, and the surrender.

Wherever that is, within you. Are you loving your body? Are you placing the body over your spirituality? Are you so focused on the Spiritual that you are neglecting loving the physical? Have you surrendered the How? Are you in the present moment? Balance, and surrender.

Added to this Full Moon, an intensity, is a pattern being referred to as Thor’s Hammer. Which is a build of tension, taking place at the Full Moon, with Uranus Square Pluto.

As you flow with what is happening THROUGH You, and Love all aspects of yourself, within you, then this will be a beautiful Initiation, and a release, which may result in many long-awaited experiences of transformation, in many areas of your Life.

Of course, all of this Happens within you. Even the Moon and the Sun and Galaxy, is within your Consciousness. And this Holographic experience, or inter relating, here in a form that appears solid, is just part of the beauty of this meeting place, we call Planet Earth.

All within your Consciousness.

Your Heart being the avenue of the application of Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Your Will, being the conscious You, allowing, all to take place through You. Through the direction of your intentions.

Be in your Heart. Observe all that arises, with Love, Love for yourself, loving all those parts, your body, your desires, all that you have been through, ALL NOW.

Love That.

Love Yourself.

Embrace this Holographic exploration of consciousness, that is unfolding itself, perfectly through You. Let go, surrender, observe, love and Be Present. And So It is. I Am with you. Feel it all as Play. In the here and Now, through Love. Love it All.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Experiences are the Lenses of Varying Frequency Dimensions


This is a Transmission of Frequency, for you. Receive, breathe and relax and FEEL.

Your Consciousness is expanding. You see and experience what you see and experience, through the lenses that you have on, which is your frequency and the dimension through which you are functioning through.

This is a holographic meeting place, Earth. You are your own world and dimension. And the lenses that you see through, is your frequency.

So beyond your awareness of the vibration you are vibrating in, is this transmission, that activates within your Blueprint, all that appears dormant, or not seen (experienced) through your lenses, so to speak.

Where you are now, in your consciousness (your frequency) is basically how you see things. Imagine, if you would, 3D Being like walking around wearing a set of eye glasses (set to 3D consciousness) and the view is clear in 3D with them on. To see and experience consciously in the 5th Dimension of frequency, those same glasses are not worn. And if you tried to see, it wouldn’t be clear, you wouldn’t be able to clearly know what you were seeing, at best. This is why this is a transmission, you cannot get this, while wearing glasses (vibrating to a frequency) that is not this transmission.

You are already all of this and more. This Transmission activates your Light Codes that awakens the frequency within you, through your Heart, of the level of the transmission. As you already know, the same frequency does not change frequency. The same consciousness does not transform consciousness.

Destiny, this too is experienced through the different lenses of frequency. Now it is not, let me make clear, that 3D is incorrect, and that all need to shift out of it, the lenses of it are just set that way, and to experience something other than that, the lenses need to come off, or change.

You will experience 5 D, when the unique timing is right, according to the Soul plan, life plan. This transmission is experienced in the perfect moment for you.

This is a Transmission of Light, that exists at deeper subtle levels of experience.

You will know and understand as you are Activated and function at the higher frequencies, where this is, simply, how it now is.

Call it “Aha” moments, call it what you will, it simply is a change in frequency.

What you can do, is FEEL this. Consciously. This Activation and transmission, shifts your consciousness and your feeling nature will feel this. Feel the changes, within you, within your body.

How you experience everything is the result of your perceptions based on the frequency dimension you are existing in. HOW you perceive things, is your frequency. Which is changing, even now. Destiny may be perceived as the Height of experience, based on the frequency domain it is experienced through. This is why, you can experience the Greatest this or that, relationship, love, you name it, yet your experiences continue, to get greater and greater. What is the absolute greatest now, will be another new absolute greatest, later on, as your frequency continues to shift. Nothing stays the same, it shifts and changes, as your Lenses (frequency) shift and change.

Each incarnation, that is each aspect of consciousness, has its Blueprint plan as well as your Soul has its overall Blueprint, Design, and Matrix. Your Destiny, may be experienced as a series of Destiny experiences, as your Destiny is the fulfillment, and the feeling of that fulfillment, of what you came here, as this incarnated aspect of consciousness, in this form, to experience. That may be perceived as attaining conscious awareness of different levels of frequencies, it may not. Destiny is the playing out of your incarnation plan. And when one looks at a life, that ended in what appears as a short length of time, or not a successful life, that in NO WAY, implies, that the Destiny was not fulfilled. Destiny Being, going through the experiences, you came here to experience.

Now at the higher levels of conscious awareness and your maturing into the conscious use of your Heart sensing faculties, and your destiny (at a Higher Level what you came here to experience) and your participation in the process, the use of your will, and your intentions, become your conscious participation. The You, merged, consciously and in alignment with your Plan.

All Souls will eventually experience the return to the Original Light State of Being, where all aspects are consciously joined as One, with “Time” not being a factor, of perceived separation. As to when, and which lifetime, is the Plan of the Soul. It is of no benefit to judge, who is here or there and in what frequency domain. As ALL Arrive. All According to their Plan.

Your intentions guide you to your experiences. There are many destinies.

All Souls, will Ascend and Evolve, as Being consciously, experiencing their Original True Nature, Pure Light. Pure Source God Light.

It is not up to us, to decide when, for someone else. Or attempt to control outcomes.

Enter deeply your experience, your heart, in all moments. This is the key, within all of your Destiny experiences, to love and enjoy Your Plan, your life. You may ask, that is it, that is all there is, just playing out your Life Plan. And I remind you, once again, your experience, matches your View. Your Lenses. Existing in the 5th Dimension, is Your Heaven on Earth Consciously. Yet, even now, even in 3D, it is still taking place, just not consciously, in your experience. Your Being Present, is you consciously, arriving, into the experience of, your Heaven on Earth.

Receive, Breathe and Feel. Do not attempt to struggle and understand. Simply feel, breathe through your heart and receive. Feel within your body.

And So it is. And it is All Now. I love You.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Loving Life ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Freedom from the incessant thoughts.

Freedom from the emotional backlash, of the harbouring of grudges, guilt, not feeling good enough, the self-made prison, of 3D.

The pain of suffering. The pain of disharmony, within.

We have been there, and we have stepped out of the pain. As a Phenix rising from the Ashes. We not only have survived, we have risen, into the New Paradigm of Consciousness, we know the freedom, we know the Love, we know the Bliss. 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Thankful for the passage through this initiation, we embrace the surrender, we embrace life, and we embrace living.

Activated within your Blueprint, and always forever inherent in your DNA, is the God you, The Source you, the Glory of Your Soul. That is experienced through your entering, and arriving in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Your Ascension.

This Light spark, Presence of You, Loves Life, Loves Living, as this is the Essence of the Pure You, the Child Like you, that lives in the celebrating, of all moments.  As you continue to expand in your awareness of this God Source you, life begins to awaken more and more, in the Grandeur of Your Soul.

In this Grandeur, is the greatest simplicity of Being. This has nothing to do with what you think Grandeur is. It is All about Living as knowing nothing, as the one embracing nothingness, and the One in Love with life.

The Joy, the Bliss, the Ecstatic Being, not dependant on anything external, is the shift, the arriving, as the Ascended One, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Being the eternal Love of your Soul. Being the Accepted, Being the Loved, Being the Blessed.

As the Embodiment, accelerates, as the momentum of Love, existing in the New World, is the jump starting, of the aliveness, of your Soul. This is the Being in Love with your Life. Being in Love with Living. Being the Joy of expanded consciousness. Being the thankfulness of Being alive in all moments. Being the Vitality of your Soul.

If you find yourself, teetering back and forth. Or still immersed in the pain of 3D, not yet able to let go of bad habits, or those things, that reinforce you not feeling good about yourself.  Love yourself, that is the only space, where freedom and true liberation, Reigns.

The Doorway and Initiation into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Only takes place through the Love. The Love of your Heart. You to You, is where this begins.

So if you still do not Love Life. Love Living. Go deep within, receive this Activation of your Heart and DNA, to now embrace, all that you are, all that you have experienced, love all of it and forgive all of it. So you too, will know Being Ascended. Being the Grandeur of Your Soul. Being the Love of Divinity, that lives, supremely, as the simple Pureness, In all MOMENTS.

Receive and Breathe. In the Glory of All That is, I Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Love, Valentines Day and Dreams Fulfilled


Celebration of Love, Celebration of Being. Being in love. Living the Life of your Dreams. Deep in the Heart of every Being is the living Dream, of Love, that is your Destiny.

Ruined plans, sudden changes, relationships ending, all of this, also is part of being in planet Earth. Yet, these things that appear gone ‘awry” is truly your Soul leading you, to that original Dream. That original Dream, is part of your Blueprint, is part of your Incarnation plan.

It may appear as a Destination. Yet, on the way, through the journey, you receive, sometimes even more so, during the difficult times, the transformation, the growth within your consciousness, that helps you to see and Know and be ready for, the Living the Life of your Dreams.

When we think we want something, and it does not occur, it simply is, was a stepping stone, in awareness, to that Dream Come True.

The Living reality of Being in your Divine Presence, as your Divine Presence Being.

You may wonder, why I am bringing in your Divinity, in a life on Earth that is the life of Your Dreams. Because, the power behind what occurs, is your Divine Soul, your Blueprint, your incarnation plan.

As you may have noticed, trying to make things happen, although may occur on one level, really does not guarantee, or bring you the happiness, the joy, the life of your Dreams, no matter how much you have attempted to manifest or imagine it.

After all, is your Will completely in control? Or is it really, the steering wheel, that once it is going in the Aligned Direction, miracles do occur, guiding you all the way home to the life of your Dreams, the life your Soul Planned for You, when you aligned with it.

Now, in no time all exists now. So there are myriads of “what you think of as you”  in parallel worlds, experiencing all these potentials now. That means, there is a you, already living, the Life of your Dreams.

That is why you can feel it, sense it, almost taste it. Because it is real. It exists, Now.

Stepping into the reality, where you are aligned with this perfect life of Love, your Lover, your Dream world, arrives as your conscious experience, through its activation within your Heart, life and Being.

By continuing to Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust your Soul. And stay present in all moments, you align with your Heart, with the Life of Your Dreams.

Allow this Valentines day to be a new Beginning for you.

Align with the Greater Aspect of You, the part of you, that really is in charge. Aligned with the you here,  that uses are your will, to steer towards. The Heart is the Compass, your Will the Steering. Your Life of your Dreams, your Soul Imprint within your Consciousness, that says, YES, welcome Home. You are aligned, you are in Love with Life. You Live the Life of your Greatest Dreams.

Happy Valentines, all you Lovers, You Beings of Light here on Planet Earth, And So it is, eternal Love, eternal Love, and the Magic of your Soul Blueprint!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Guiding gently, your subconscious mind, through inputting your intentions, to the new associations (5th Dimensional Consciousness) you give to all things in your life, replaces endless clearing. Endless struggle. As the new desired reality (the new data) and all data and associations, work subtly through the subconscious mind, powerfully effecting your reality. Even if that reality, you struggle with to change, as the conscious level. This is the end of that struggle.

These words speak deeply to your subconscious mind.

They ignite the light codes within your Blueprint and subconscious mind, replacing old beliefs, with the new uploads of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, that is, the new truths that gift you, the freedom from the struggle in 3D consciousness, opening the way, to Live as an Ascended Being.

Although to the conscious mind this may sound far-fetched, and even more so create resistance to the subconscious mind, the level that this occurs, is simply done. You may ask how could something you have struggled to do, to create, to get access to, be done simply. The not knowing how to upload and change your storage of directives, has been the struggle, and may have felt at times, as if banging your head against the wall, so to speak.

This happens without struggle. That is how it happens.

Relax, receive, feel how this feels.

The New directives uploading to your subconscious mind, are an activation and transmission of Light, recoding your subconscious mind, now. The changes just show up, in your reality.

Isn’t that amazing!

You no longer struggle, you no longer try to change anything. You no longer wonder why things are not changing for you. Instead, you wake up each day, and feel lighter, happier, and life seems to just sort itself out better. The pain lessens, the vibrations increase. The Light shines brighter, just because. And your world, takes on a whole new meaning for you. One of Divine Surprises. One of Amazing Miracles. One of Dazzling Adventures. One of endless delight.

What, why and How you may wonder. Well, this happens, beyond the why and  the what of it all. As this is All Light Codes, from the Source of these codes. Being downloaded to you NOW.

The mind might even feel a little fuzzy. Or you may even walk around a little dazed. That is ok, that is the downloading of these new Light Codes.

Some kind of futuristic technology? This is, 5th Dimensional Technology of Love, of Miracles, of its time now, for you to Be the Glory of You ~ that kind of technology. (Wouldn’t you say it is about time)

It is all Light and Frequency.

The Sun doesn’t struggle to shine its Light.

In the 5th Dimension, there is not struggle, there simply is the New Way, and this new way, is that of ease. Is that of ~ Now its time for this, Time. As simple as waking up each morning. You wake up and it seems as if it is a new day.

Now, with these downloads, you wake up, and feel the change. You wake up and see the change. You wake up, and suddenly you are free from the questions, that once plagued you.

You are free.

Your mind is calm, even though you do not know why.

You just feel different, and life, as you know it, is  the Grandness of Love. With the Greatness of the Eternal You. Filled with the Magic of Eternity.

The world seems brighter, the excitement and hope feels greater, as you feel your Heart Beat ~ beating louder. Your belly rising, as if, on a roller coaster. It Just changes, just like that. Tune into your belly now. Feel it rising. Tune into your Heart, feel it almost racing. Tune into the Light within you and surrounding your body, see how it shines Brighter. Tune into your Breath, and feel how it feels like Heaven, breathing, and being alive. Feel your vibrations, tingling throughout your body. Feel how this feels.

The New You, this moment. Vibrating at a Higher Frequency of Light. Your subconscious receiving all the downloads. Feel the shift, feel the change. Feel your Heart.  The New You, now this Moment. The You Ascended, as you have always Been. The You that shines as a Glorious Sun. The You that is Heaven Sent, that is the Glory of All That is.

And here we are Now. All Frequencies sent to you, beyond space and time, downloaded into your Blueprint and now into your Subconscious mind. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The Eternal Light and Glory of All That is, and So It is, Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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New Moon in Aquarius~February 8th, 2016~Alchemy


Well here we are the New Moon in Aquarius arriving on February 8th, 2016 at 10:38am AST. Further to my Post on the Alchemy of Manifestation, this New Moon and New Beginning, is the opportunity for awakening ever more deeply, into the Heart of You, into what you now give higher meaning to as the symbols in your life.

The experiences within your life, and allowing a higher vibrational meaning, to all that is in your life, now, is you changing your experiences, into a life of your dreams and beyond.

This New Moon, may act as an awakening energetic impulse, that cleanses the Doors of Your Perception.

Yet nothing happens to You, it all is happening through you.

Your Participation, is Required.

And as you adjust your perceptions, in alignment with your Master Intention, the magic that will unfold, will be unspeakable. Going full-out in this, that is, applying all that you are desiring in all moments, is what I am referring to. Go All The Way. You with you.

So your intention is Greater Bliss. In each moment all that I do and receive and Here and experience, is NOW the Bliss, that I desire. You creativity decide the Meaning, to all moments. To when you wake up, when you shower, when you walk, when you work. YOU Decide as the ONE that is steering your ship, what your experience, mean through your intention. The Inner Child within you, as you LOVE yourself, and gently awaken to the responses in your world (yes your very own world) that you have intentioned, is your Mastery. Waiting for things to change is the student. Mastery is you have decided the Meaning for all moments, and you have intentioned it, consciously.

At the MASTER Level, it is not about grasping the meanings to THINGS it is YOU Creating Consciously the MEANING OF EVERYTHING. Feel the difference.

NO Need to get caught up, in understanding, other than, what you experience, may now be how your Mastery reveals itself to you, as you change your responses to all that you see in your world, and experience within.

CHANGE YOUR World this New Moon, through “Affixing” higher vibrational new Meanings to all of your experiences, to every moment, to all that shows up in your own personal world. And watch the Miracles unfold. 

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

This is YOU loving you.

This is Alchemy.

This New Moon there is a sextile with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Opportunities, are ENERGIES. How will you apply your awareness, to the meaning of every moment, as the way you CREATE your New Opportunities, through the change of your Intentions, as the FULL ON application, of your every moment. APPLY this.

All of this, is speaking deeply to your subconscious, your inner child, your consciousness, as the WAY now to bypass the programming of the 3D, and enter your Mastery.

And so It is ~ and Here we ARE! Happy New Moon For YOU and may all that was once your experience, BE NOW the Divinity of YOU in ALL Moments!


Eternal Love and Bliss!






The Alchemy of Manifestation~5th Dimensional Consciousness



I will attempt to make this as clear as possible for YOU, for here within, is a key to transforming your life, through the transforming the attributes you have previously associated (attached as meaning) to what you desire. I do suggest you read this more than once, and not in a row, also. NOTICE your Transformation.

And it is not that your desires, have been something that you cannot have. It simply means, what has been YOUR Dominant Intention, filters out, those things, those desires, that are not part of upholding and promoting your MOST Prominent intention. See for yourself, as this really works. NOW ~ if you do not get this, do not be concerned, as this also is an activation for you, working deep within your subconscious mind, allowing you to get this, at there subtle levels of consciousness, bringing about, in its own timing, the transformation, that this activation imparts to you, Now.

An Example.

You have desired whole heartedly, that you desire to Ascend. You have rearranged parts of your life, and spend time daily focusing upon this. Areas of your Life, that you also have desired to manifest changes in, such as, finances, job, relationships, feels like, nothing is happening. Or your desires are not being listened to.

Your Subconscious mind is very powerful.

When you whole heartedly choose an intention, you are steering your own ship in a direction. This is powerful. This is part of consciousness maturing and your Mastery also, to recognize, your power, your will, in all of this, your experiences.

Now, if the money, the job, the relationship, as part of your past programming (subconscious) that you desire (with past attributes still intact as to the meaning you have associated with them) does not fall into the MASTER Intention, you have set (which is the steering of your ship through your will) then they will not occur.

NOW ~ here is the key.

As you Begin to Transform, within your own Consciousness, all that you DESIRE with your MASTER Intention (reprogramming of your subconscious) then all that you desire, that is KNOWN subconsciously to be in this Alignment (with your Master Intention, your steering your ship, through your will) then all of this and that, as experiences (that by the way have been waiting to show up when you were ready) will NOW appear as your Reality.

Sounds easy enough. And if it doesn’t, it simply is the reprogramming, is taking place, at the more deeper, subtle levels, as you receive this activation, within your subconscious mind, your Blueprint.

An example.

You Love feeling spiritual, you notice the changes in your consciousness, you have more bliss more joy than ever before, you are in the flow, more of your conscious time. More in the present moment. Yet, that money thing (or relationship thing or whatever is your desire) still isn’t in place. You can live with that, knowing that, when you are ready all will occur. NOW ~ if you looked deeply at your views of money (or relationships, or whatever you desire) and observed, that your associations were of a lower frequency; such as, thoughts of a nature that are NOT in alignment with your Master Intention. I never have enough money. How can I live for my inner self, and in the outer world of form, without money, etc. Or that relationship, they never work out. When, I am more beautiful. I am too old, etc. NOW ~ the stopping those thoughts, is NOT the Alchemy being transmitted to you. It is far beyond that.

TOTAL transformation of the associations you have to your desires, is the key to the Alchemy. The manifestation of your True Desires. 

This IS your BEING Ready, YOU Being the Wholeness, everything in Alignment.

That money desire, that relationship desire, in Alignment with your Master Intention now changes to:

As I am Abundant now in all areas, including financial, this NOW activates within me, the fullness and wholeness of my Limitless self, which is my Mastery, which is my Ascended Self, ~ Being ~ the Source Light that I Originally AM.

As I now attract my perfect Partner, the Ascended me (Based on a Master Intention of Being Ascended as an example) lives in complete Fulfillment of my Souls Plan, in the Fullness of my Deeper Fulfillment, my Perfect Union in Form. The Fulfillment of my Wholeness in All Areas of my Consciousness. My Being, My Soul Light ~ Source.

Likewise, if your Master Intention is to get ahead in life, or survive, any way that you can, with the right house, partner, money, etc. and YOU also have the desire for Ascension (not your Master Intention) and wonder why you are not expanding in your awareness, it is that your Expansion and Ascension, does not fit into the subconscious programming (your Master Intention, the steering of your Ship) of getting ahead (Master Intention) at any cost.

FEEL this. Breathe this Truth, this Activation, into the WHOLENESS of your Being.

In the Alchemy of the Great Almighty Source Light, I AM ~ in Harmony and Union, in all areas of my Consciousness, therefore my subconscious mind and superconscious mind included, my MASTER INTENTION is NOW IN UNION with ALL THAT I DESIRE.

All That I Desire, is NOW Transformed through the Light of My Soul, deep within my Subconscious Mind, as the WHOLENESS of my Being.

There are no desires within me, that are not consciously part of my Master Intention.

My Master Intention, Being a Master, Being an Ascended Being, and all areas of my Consciousness, including every single desire, brought to my awareness, is NOW in Union, with the Eternal Light of My Soul. With the Eternal Master that I AM. With the wholeness of MY ORIGINAL Being. I Am. Whole, Fulfilled, in Union.

There are not thoughts, that are separate from this. It is all ONE and in Harmony and UNION NOW. My Hearts Desires, my Intentions, my Being. My Subconscious MIND. Now are ALL ONE.

In the LIGHT, POWER and the Glory of ALL That is, I AM, This is SO and Activated NOW.

Receive Deeply Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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