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What is Form~ What is Consciousness ~ The Vanished Plane


What is Form ~ What is Consciousness ~ What is it that you See out there Anyway?

The Plane that vanished!

The Potentials that exist in ANY situation are greater than you realize. The timing of this plane so-called vanishing, certainly removes the rug from under some people’s feet.

What was a sense of security, on HOW YOU HOLD REALITY and the “attachment” to that reality is DISSOLVING.

There is no coincidence in the timing of this event, as it is synchronistic with the Shift taking place and the New Birthing of Consciousness, soon to take place.

There are no limitations to what took place with the plane, and many things all at the same time potentially have taken place.

Open your consciousness, to truly what form is, what out there is, and look deeply at How you hold that together, through your mental processes.

Form is the reflection of Your Consciousness, it is not as solid as you feel, it seems to be.

In One reality, the plane is in the Void, the place and space where time does not take place, or at least as time seems to be, on Planet Earth.

Does the plane in the “timeless” state, make it any less real, than if it landed in time?

All potentials DO EXIST at ONCE, simultaneously. All are Potentials that do “exist” now. What is changing through this, is exciting.

How will you Hold all the New Potentials?

What shift will take place in your Brain, to allow the opening for you to HOLD THIS NEW level of consciousness?

Can the plane land and seem to the passengers, the plane was never was even delayed? And has that already occurred in one reality?

How many of these actual, REALITY shifts do occur without You noticing, daily?

Because TIME is not as it seems to be on Planet Earth  “history” as you remember it, may also change. People you heard crossed over, may appear suddenly alive.  You  MAY wake up one day, in a new time and place.

Reality and consciousness, is NOT how it seems to be on Planet Earth.

Are You  WAKING up to the FULL Potential of Consciousness, through the  Opening of  your Heart?

This opening of Your Heart, allows the spontaneous response of your DNA to respond to the Signal that will be given. This New Creation is soon to Be Birthed.

There is the potential in One reality the plane has NOT even vanished. And in that reality, no record of it ever even vanishing. The potential it did crash and somehow some advanced technology to remove the radar of the Black Box also took place. Endless potentials, all occurring at once.

Yes, yes and Yes to ALL potentials. Some of You will live in some realities of the experience, and some of you will live in other realities of the experience.  Your Memory may even change.

All are TRUE, as ALL exist! 

ALL potentially, have occurred, and all at the same time.

In 20 years, some may remember a vanishing plane, and some will say that did not occur. Some may see records of this, and to some will experience there are no records of its occurrence.

ALL DO exist!

The  potentials of this “limitless consciousness”  opened up through Mass media, via the Vanishing Plane, helps to Open the Potential for greater awareness of what REALITY, Time and Consciousness Truly is.  And how you have Held it all together in awareness.

Allow the WAY you hold Reality to Shatter and Dissolve.

What is the nature of your experience of time? Is it a fluid state of consciousness where all things exist simultaneously?

YOUR reality is the reflection of your consciousness that is Focused on specific experiences and the processing of those experiences. They are the RESULT of your inner reality, your consciousness.

So the question is, which Reality, will you exist in?

You are constantly moving in and out of many realities. With the New Birthing to take place, you enter the Void, and “wake up” so to speak, in a New timeline, a New Map-line, a New Reality. The New Creation Plan is perfectly set in place, through the Elohim Creator Gods, since before time.

All that you take part in, are not random events, All is held in your original Blueprint as Potentials. All potentials and agreements of experiences, exist simultaneously.

For more information on The New Creation please read:

For Now, Hold the Vanishing Plane, in your Heart, in Love! See and feel the Reality you desire, it already Exists!

I Love You!


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light

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