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Manifesting The Perfect Life

Manifesting The Perfect Life.

Yes, You! Manifesting The Perfect Life Now.

Follow the instructions in this POST.

There will be an Audio Frequency Transmission to go with this and I will be Teaching more in Depth about this in My Teaching Series.

And Memorize these two things!

Harmony = Union

Disharmony = Separation



That applies whether the Harmony or Disharmony is with You and Your Soul OR You and your Physical Manifestation Desires.

Your Blueprint Lights up with Codes of THE NEW ERA OF LIGHT through the Frequency of Harmony AND UNION…


Your Blueprint Lights up with the CODES of the OLD PROGRAM in Disharmony!!!

All is Frequency, your Reality is the Mirror of your Frequency!!!

Your Emotional Body influences all Systems the Most powerfully.



Your Soul Desires Harmony and Union.

Harmony and Union with whatever Your experience is and with whatever you Desire.

This includes thought, words and emotions.  


Usually people refer to Manifesting as Something “specific” they desire to come into your Life.  Manifesting is also the result of  creating. Your frequency is always revealed, it is Universal Law.


Creating is your Frequency and Something you are always doing, whether you are aware of it or not. Your environment, the amount of money you have, the relationships you have are ALL are the MIRROR AND THE RESULT OF YOUR FREQUENCY. You are always Creating, whether it is what you do not want or want.

One evening a woman contacted me in desperate need to have her house sold as her and her husband had purchased a New One and needed to have the House sold, ASAP. 

It had been on the market  for three months and they received No offers.

That Night I energetically magnetized the House, and merged the situation and the Woman who contacted me IN the Frequency of Divine UNION and HARMONY.

The Following morning some people came by and made an Offer and Bought the House. Just like that.

So why did it not happen?

Is there such a thing…as “It was not meant to happen?


Why did it not just happen? Because the vibration was not in Harmony with the occurrence.

When one takes responsibility for their Frequency there is no such thing as “was not meant to be”..It is all Simply Frequency; either in Harmony or Disharmony. Union with something or NOT.

What you are Vibrating in Harmony with or in Disharmony with IS YOUR REALITY.

I have seen many receiving amazing offers of Grace and energetically because of emotional DISHARMONY move far from the Heart’s Desire.

As the ONE creating your Existence “your thoughts, words, feelings and emotions” bring about your “Reality”.

You could be guided to make moves or changes through your Heart and then allow fear  and doubt to block the full results. Again, all is frequency.


There is the Eternal You who observes all those things called emotions and thoughts. When you merge in Divine Union, you create from the frequency of Harmony consciously and become conscious of all feelings, thoughts and words.

The result is ease and flow.  ALL things then simply come to you, as you vibrate in the Frequency of Harmony.

But what does that really mean?

How does that fit into “desiring” a new Home or finding a partner?

When you are in the Conscious awareness of Being the Creator of Your Existence. When you take responsibility that YOU are creating your “Reality” with every word, thought and feeling you have… You become aware there is No thing outside of You.

As such, you Move into Completeness as Source Frequency.

Simply aware of  True draw all to You as you vibrate in Harmony.

Source requires Nothing, needs No ~ Thing and exists in Pure Love and Ecstasy, as is…Harmony.

Does this mean you live without “things” or desires?

Absolutely Not!

So you want to sell a property, move or have more money. What do you do?

You Get your thoughts, feelings and the words that you speak RELATED to the DESIRE in HARMONY WITH IT.

Do you feel great about desiring more money? If not, GET in Harmony with Money.

DO you have fear of moving? If so Get in Harmony with moving.

If you do not feel good about money?  If you do you will have it, because Harmony brings UNION.

If you want a special relationship but do not feel good about yourself, YOU ARE BLOCKING IT. Vibrate in Harmony with you having a beautiful relationship.

There is no  unloving God, Universe or Creator outside of You that allows or does not allow. That simply is not true.

Take Full responsibility if you TRULY WANT A BEAUTIFUL REALITY.

You are creating it with every breath you take.  Look at Your thoughts, the old program, the emotions that take you to places that are not filled with Love and Harmony. Look there, do NOT run from them.

So make a list of your Desires.

Put on that list how you consciously feel about each item.

Please do this, what you are reading will not benefit YOU if you do not follow this all the way through!!!!

NOTE especially what fears or doubts you have in relationship to what is on your List. Mark it beside it…list the doubts and fears.

NOTE them…then begin to move deeper and for longer periods of time in Harmony with your Desires. Move into feeling good about them, deserving them and Loving yourself.

If you do not know how to do this. Listen to my Audio Frequency Transmissions that GIVE you the Frequency to vibrate with in relationship to your Desires.

Healing, Abundance, Twin Soul, Enlightenment…

What areas are you desiring more of?  And note the Harmony level you are experiencing around those areas. Write on the List and keep it and date it. 

If you are not experiencing those things you are Simply  Not VIBRATING TO THE FREQUENCY OF THEM in a Harmonious way.

If you never have felt Abundant you may Not know what that frequency feels like!!

Harmony is the KEY!!!!!


The things you have NOT manifested ARE the result of Disharmony.

So begin today this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus!

You are the Creator of your Reality.

As I mentioned in the beginning:

Follow the instructions in this POST!!

There will be an Audio Frequency Transmission to go with this and I will be Teaching more in Depth about this in My Teaching Series!!!

And Memorize these two things!!!!!

Harmony = Union

Disharmony = Separation

Make the List, Make some notes.. Watch your thoughts, words and Emotions around those things on your list. Listen to the specific Audio Frequency Transmissions that ARE RELATED TO YOUR DESIRES ON YOUR LIST of manifestation!!!!!


You can manifest the perfect life. Miracles are a Frequency! Simply Vibrate to the Frequency of Harmony with Your Desires, it really is that simple. I love you.

You can Manifest the Perfect Life for You Now.

And Let me know how you are doing!

I am adding in a response to a Question I received since writing this blog today.

In Harmony there is ONE Frequency Perfection and UNION..

In Disharmony there is separation and the APPEARANCE  OF SEPARATE FORCES….
good and bad..

There is No manifesting that is “for the highest good” or “not for the highest good”
You are either in Harmony with something which is PERFECT AND UNION…
You are in Disharmony and there APPEARS TO BE GOOD AND BAD…
Opposing forces!! ~ separation…

It is YOU and How you are vibrating that creates the EXPERIENCE…OF IT.

IT Shows up as the highest good or not Based on YOUR Frequency of Harmony or Disharmony with it.

The MIRROR is Universal Law.

And here is the Transmission to Listen to!!!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of  Light .

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