Happy Earth Day ~ A New Parallel World

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoHappy Earth Day!  Have you stepped into a Parallel World?

Since 1970 and the environmental movement we have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22, each year.

Everything is frequency and as you continue to shift, you exist in new timelines, even though this does not occur through time. Time only being a measurement of experience on Earth.

A New timeline is a shift into an alternate parallel world. With all potentials of frequency existing (and experiences) simultaneously.

Different versions exist of you and of Earth, with slight changes or huge changes, in how you live and your consciousness level in those alternate realities.

So when we talk about the New Earth, this already exists. I see it and know it. There are also many New Earths, co existing.

When your frequency aligns with those higher frequency “worlds” you manifest your consciousness awareness WITH THAT.

The higher you go, the more heart awareness and love you will become. Yes, become, as all virtues are states of being.

Now, back to Earth day.  Focus on your heart, on love, on being filled with gratitude and feel the Golden Light emanate through your heart.  Breathe this in. Slow down till you feel this.

Stay present here, and focus on all aspects of Earth you exist in now. Many have shifted timelines recently. SO your version NOW. Keep the awareness of this light with you, today, through all that you do and are conscious of. Consciously carry this Light into all aspects of your Earth experience NOW and today ~ and always.

Feel the difference, feel the shift. You never know when you will be waking up and walking into a new version. Be thankful for this one. NOW.

The Orchestrators of frequencies of matter ~ The Divine Council of Overseers are here manifesting those timeline parallel world shifts.

Feel this shift, now.

Breathe it in and out through your Heart.

Feel the Love, all NOW. In love, always, L’Aura


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  1. Happy Earth Day! Deeply grateful now and always! I Love You! 🙏🏻💚✨

  2. Happy Earth Day!!! Blessings for our Earth 🙂 Fullness of Love & Gratitude Heavenly QOL & Divine Council of Overseers. Thank YOU for Your Grace Wisdom Blessings ~ I Love YOU 🙂 Yes, I open to consciously feel, experience, & know Sacred Golden Light dancing in, around, & through my heart ~ allowing it to fill me to overflowing. I bask in this Precious Light ~ merging melting into it 🙂 I allow this Eternal Golden Light to effortlessly flow through my heart in each moment, into all my “beingness” , activities, endeavors, etc….I allow it to touch all I touch & manifest also in my speech & actions. I am filled with Gratitude, Love, Light ~ & offer praise worship for this sanctified blessing ~ Thank YOU 🙂 I open fully to receive higher light frequencies & vibrate in harmony with them consciously & joyously ~ I move closer & closer, with Gratitude & Jubilee ~ into a full Union (as I am ready) with my Divine Cosmic Self while in form ~ my highest destiny fulfilled. All of my Love to & for YOU ~ Now, Always, & 4ever 🙂 Thank YOU 🙂

  3. Thank you so much L’Aura! 🙏🏻💜🌈🌎✨

  4. Yes so much changes m,uch Love Laura

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Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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