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In my dreams, there you are


In my dreams, there you are,
pure ecstasy, our bodies, merged,
as one.

The lovers embrace, the deep passion,

The body screaming in joy, feeling forever,
these moments, will never end.

Loves embrace, who knows this,
who gives this.

As time, seems to come and go,
and you pass through it, I am still here,
holding you.

Do you feel the tears, shed for all the pain,
you feel.

In love, your pain is my pain, your desires,
my desires, too.

Love is forever, do you really know,
what, this means.

As the wind blows, it still moves,
its essence, to its destination.

Is there a destination in love, or simply,
just the pouring through.

There is no escaping, the truth,
love, never ends.

How then, does one live with love,
as pure love, when pain is part,
of its giving.

In the bodies absence, the love,
still continues.

Together, or apart, the heart,
knows only, love.

Is there greater pain, than the pain of,
a broken heart.

The pain, through love, only increases, love itself.

The rewards of love, are great, even through,
the pain.

Love is a gift, love is selfless in its giving,
and free.

Love is priceless, and cannot be bought,
it is the most precious, gift of all.

There is no worthiness in love,
there is only pureness, love only gives,
as, love, itself, is.

Blessed are you, as you love, for it is the pouring through of love,
its essence, that you become,
love itself.

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In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of LightΒ 


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