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Heaven is Showering Blessings, upon You


Heaven is showering blessings upon you,
which form will they take.

Will you enter worlds of ecstasy,
that swim deep within, your conscious state.

Navigating the waters, of the Heart,
within your life.

Appearances vanish, only Pure Being,
rests and plays.

Limitless and free, Perfect dreams,
do come true.

The longing deep within,
is your Souls reflection, of You.

Waking to the promise,
that lives within your Heart.

Sacred Ecstasy, your Destiny,
now to start.

The Beauty of the eternal,
is the beauty of your Soul.

Enter deeply, with your Passion,
there is no Goal.

Feel me hold you deeply,
I am the Heaven in Your Heart.

Loving you forever, entwined as One,
eternal ecstasy and union, I impart.


In Divine Love, Ecstasy in Eternity!

Pleiadian Delegate ~ The Queen of Light



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Naked HOLY Desire ~ Eternal Breath we Live as One


Shall we enter the other Worlds my Beloved?

The worlds we bravely dreamt of.
Where we enter the endless Void ~ that draws us eternally ~ to our Being, that lives as forever One.

Immersed in breathtaking ecstasy, feeling us.

We are pure awareness and surrender, submerged deep in the flow,
the other worlds, so very real, that we breathe and know.

The primal dance of long ago, you and I.

As we initiate ancient rituals.

We flow in passionate fire, pure naked HOLY desire.

Our sacred Heaven lives in our giving and receiving,
the pureness of who we are.

Held embraced in our Divine wisdom; the key to full surrender, the primal power that floods the Ocean of our Soul.

Forever Liquid Light.

I bow within the altar of my heart, deep within, merged in beatific glory, in holy union.

What will be will flow and flow,  kindled in the flame of our eternal love.













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