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All There is….is Truth and Beauty

I received some questions recently all asking the same thing. I will write briefly on this, and will share more In My Teaching Series.

The fire burns brightly…and so it is..


The Questions:

I thought we were to find our Purpose?


How do I find my purpose?

Now please read this with an Open mind and HEART.

Existence is Being, A state of that twice…EMPHASIZE “STATE OF BEING”

You are exactly at the right place doing the right thing…( and no that is not an excuse for living recklessly and not caring)

What the right place and right time REVEALS ( to itself) IS YOUR FREQUENCY VIBRATION..

So, of course it is PERFECT!!!!! Because it is TRUTH!!!!

How can anything be More BEAUTIFUL THAN BEAUTY AND TRUTH? It is impossible…this is a Revealing…you know..a revealing…

Suddenly the Curtain is withdrawn…and what is there is what was there all along…Beauty and Truth. PURE BEING.

The Truth is CONSTANTLY revealing itself!!!!! isn’t that beautiful????

I mean what else are you doing here in a body..if NOT BEING….??

So Your purpose is ALWAYS FINDS you and Responds Perfectly to the Frequency you are PUTTING OUT…which is YOU…

There is nothing to search for..there is something to experience..
There is nothing  found that you do not already own.
There is ONLY the Revealing..of The Truth and Beauty that Already is…and the KEY to remove the Curtain is YOUR Heart…

With all the Glory, Tears…falling on your Knees…there it is as it always was and always will be…there with YOU…


Holding you in the Sacredness of the Eternal Being of True Beauty and Truth itself…

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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